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Noteboom Productions Releases Video Tutorial on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Nov 20, 2012 - Michigan based Noteboom Productions has announced Tutor for OS X Mountain Lion, their latest video tutorial is now available on the Mac App store. In Tutor for OS X Mountain Lion, the user watches videos to learn how to use OS X Mountain Lion, Apple's latest operating system. The video tutorial is designed for the both the new user to Mac and the new user to Mountain Lion. The tutorial consists of 49 video chapters on various subject and includes a new note feature where users can take notes.

Xcode Book Updated for Xcode 4.5

Oct 31, 2012 - Mark Szymczyk's book, Xcode Tools Sensei, has been updated for Xcode 4.5 and iOS 6. The new material in this update includes auto layout for iOS applications along with material on setting up Xcode projects to support iOS 6's Passbook and Maps features. Xcode Tools Sensei is a guide to Apple's developer tools for building Mac and iOS applications. In addition to covering Xcode and Interface Builder, the book covers Instruments, OpenGL tools, and command-line tools.

SCSC Releases Free eBook: Hard Drive Troubleshooting

Sep 19, 2012 - Software and Computer Systems Company, LLC has released a free eBook in PDF format titled "Hard Drive Troubleshooting." "Hard Drive Troubleshooting" is the only book on the market targeting Macintosh based computers and includes not only basic troubleshooting, but how to properly analyze a system that is exhibiting problems that may be mistaken as drive failures when they are, in fact system problems.

What Do Virtual Audiences Really Want?

Apr 11, 2012 - California-based Rexi Media launches its Certified Virtual Presenter program for online presenters. The Virtual Presenter Certification program is designed to train and certify business professionals on developing and delivering outstanding virtual presentations whether on the Mac or the PC. The online certification program includes beautifully designed, self-paced modules, knowledge checks and review games. After studying these training modules, candidates complete an online certification exam.

SCOtutor for iPhoto on iOS - Mac version now available

Apr 10, 2012 - A new video tutorial app - SCOtutor for iPhoto on iOS - has just been released and is now available as an OSX app on the Mac App Store. Covering all aspects of the new iPhoto iOS application, SCOtutor for iPhoto on iOS is designed to help new iPhoto users get up to speed on this new groundbreaking app. The new App is available for Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and is being launched at a special introductory price for a limited time.

Noteboom Productions Releases Update to Video Tutorial on Mac OS X Lion

Dec 28, 2011 - Michigan based Noteboom Productions has announced Tutor for Lion version 1.6, their latest video tutorial has been updated and is now available for the Mac on the Mac App store and on the iPad in the iTunes App Store. In Tutor for Lion, the user watches 51 categorized videos to learn how to use the Macintosh and Lion, Apple's latest operating system. The update includes new videos on iCloud, iTunes Match, adding Guest Accounts, using screen sharing in iChat, Desktop Pictures, and Screen Savers.

SP Home Run Inc. Shares How Mac Pros Can Start Computer Consulting Firms

Dec 08, 2011 - SP Home Run Inc. offers free white paper for IT entrepreneurs steps for building an initial client base, around the same market targeted by the Apple Store joint venture small business program. In its new white paper How to Start a Computer Consulting Business: 6 Proven Ways to Build Your Initial Client Base, SP Home Run Inc. offers 11 key steps that businesses can take immediately to become established professionally and seven ways to keep expenses low as they do it.

Learn - Pixelmator 2 - Video Training App from The Mac U now available

Dec 02, 2011 - The Mac U today introduces Learn - Pixelmator 2 Edition, their new video training series for Mac OS X. Edit, retouch or manipulate your digital images. Featuring 36 individual video lessons guided by a Pixelmator Pro, this course includes over two hours of video tutorials on how to use the tools, adjustment commands & filters available in Pixelmator 2. Learn - Pixelmator 2 Edition offers a simple interface that makes it easy to navigate through the videos, with notes, keyboard shortcuts & more.

Unique Multilingual Video Tutorial Hits the Apple Mac App Store

Oct 24, 2011 - SCOtutor for Lion 1.0 is a new video tutorial app produced by Don McAllister of ScreenCastsOnline, but with a twist. It's the first app to feature onscreen subtitles in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified Chinese. SCOtutor for Lion is a multilingual HD video tutorial, designed to explore and explain many of the new features in Apple's latest operating system and is aimed at both new and experienced Mac users. This unique application offers many innovative features for everyone.