Weather - Latest Releases

Weather Notifications App WeatherPlan USA 1.3 Adds NOAA Warnings

Jan 17, 2012 - Swedish based developer Unit Networks today announces WeatherPlan USA 1.3, an update to their custom weather notifications app for iOS devices. With the functionality to monitor weather forecasts for a custom combination of specific weather criterias, WeatherPlan USA delivers notifications about the weather which the user actually care about. Version 1.1 adds notifications of NOAA Watches, Warnings, Advisories and Statements to the already comprehensive customizable weather alerts.

New iPhone App for Monitoring Radiation Worldwide

Dec 19, 2011 - Do you know your environment? How high is the radiation level near you or where you're going on holiday? How different are the radiation levels in a country or even worldwide? How have the levels changed over the last week? What is the actual situation in Japan and around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant? You can find the answer to these questions and more in the new iPhone and iPad app EcoData: Radiation. Zoom out on the Map to quickly get a world overview of over 2800 radiation levels.

eWeather HD 2.4 - Powerful weather tracking solution for iPhone and iPad

Dec 15, 2011 - Elecont Software released eWeather HD 2.4, an update of popular iPhone, iPod and iPad Weather application. One of the main features is the new way for displaying temperatures on home screen using Apple push notification services. Also this release brings a couple of new features regarding data & presentation, and introduces additional format for displaying negative temperatures on the home screen.

Fishing Deluxe - Get Best Fishing Times

Dec 09, 2011 - Lifeware Solutions today introduces Fishing Deluxe 1.0, their new fishing time calculator for iOS devices. Discover best fishing times! Fishing Deluxe helps you plan your fishing trips by predicting specific days and times with high probablity of fishing success. Best fishing times are calculated based on the information about the Moon and the Sun. Featuring an easy-to-use interface, with Fishing Deluxe users always know where they are with automatic positioning by GPS, and much more.

DeluxeMoon for iPhone - Do Moon Phases Influence Your Life?

Oct 28, 2011 - Lifeware Solutions today announces DeluxeMoon 1.38, an update to their popular lunar cycle app for iOS devices. DeluxeMoon is a unique tool to discover new, amazing relationships between Moon phases and tides, animals, human emotions, relationships, blood pressure and even finances and gardening. It combines traditional Moon themes with modern technology to provide comprehensive information on the Moon, precise Moon phase times and tracking moon influence on users' events.

Hurricane for the iPhone and iPod touch One Day Sale - October 25, 2011

Oct 25, 2011 - Kitty Code, LLC announces the limited time sale of Hurricane, their leading hurricane tracking app for the iPhone and iPod touch, just in time to track Hurricane Rina in the Caribbean, near the Yucatan Peninsula. Hurricane features a fully interactive map complete with forecast cone, historical storm data, news and video from trusted sources and the latest storm information available within minutes direct from the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

Weather Mapper - New, Global Aviation Weather App for iPhone and iPad

Oct 07, 2011 - Really Neat LLC recently released Weather Mapper 1.5 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. Weather Mapper is a recently launched application for pilots and weather enthusiasts who want to check current and forecast weather conditions anywhere in the world. The app provides serious weather information such as ceilings, visibility, flight category, wind, temperatures, dewpoint and far more data, on a color-coded map for quick reference.

Weather Cal App - An Auto Created and Syncing Forecast to Your Calendar

Sep 30, 2011 - The must have Weather App for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac App Store. Weather Cal 1.0 is an easy tool for looking up forecasts for literally any where in the world and then adding that 7-day forecast to your calendar which will automatically update hour by hour and day by day. Yes that is right, whether you are going on vacation to a certain spot, going on a business trip across the country, or just want quick access to your weather, this app is a useful tool for you.

NBZ releases gRadar 1.6.0 for iPad

Aug 21, 2011 - NBZ today announces gRadar 1.6.0, their top-selling weather app for iPad. gRadar is a fast and reliable weather app that provides worldwide radar images on an interactive map. The app allows the early detection of developing precipitation, thunderstorms and high impact weather. gRadar features up to 12 hours animated playback with detailed weather observations, single-radar and multi-radars modes, animated graphics with configurable speeds and opacities, and much more.