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Galaxy Glider 1.0 launches on iOS - Unique One-Touch Space Game

Apr 25, 2017 - Arizona based App Happy Games LLC today introduces Galaxy Glider 1.0, a uniquely addicting one-touch space game for iOS devices. Help Galaxy Lord collect as many points as possible and challenge yourself to see if you can become the greatest Galaxy Glider the universe has ever seen. Glide, fly and dodge your way through a never-ending galaxy in outer space filled with hundreds of rockets, orbs and stars. Galaxy Glider is a super addicting and simple game that is quick to play.

Monster Camp 1.0 launched for iOS/Android - Innovative Puzzle Match Game

Apr 21, 2017 - G-Power today introduces Monster Camp 1.0, their innovative new Merged Pets Block Puzzle game for iOS and Android devices. Combining puzzle game and social gaming features, Monster Camp falls under the category of brain training games that combines innovative gameplay and controls, popping monsters, beautiful artwork and exquisite graphics. With simple rotate and drag controls, players need to move the monsters onto the grid. The goal is to match 3 or more monsters in any direction.

Gaming Chef LTD releases Droid Crosser for iOS/Android - New Mobile Game

Apr 21, 2017 - Dublin based game developer, Gaming Chef LTD today introduces Droid Crosser 1.0, their new innovative traffic direction game for iOS and Android devices. In this exciting new game, players are challenged to protect their community of robots from speeding spaceships and other hazards that could cost their robots' lives. Users not only have to keep their robots safe from oncoming traffic, but dodge lasers and explosions by tapping the screen and moving robots to safety.

Dwarf Fortress Remote 1.50 brings easy connection setup with QR codes

Apr 19, 2017 - Independent software developer, Vitaly Pronkin today announces the release of Dwarf Fortress Remote 1.50 for the iOS platform. Dwarf Fortress Remote lets you play the famous Dwarf Fortress game on a mobile device, connecting to the original game via network. Dwarf Fortress is an open-ended fantasy world simulation/management game from Bay 12 Games. Version 1.50 introduces QR code connection feature, which makes it easier than ever to configure your server and connection, and start playing.

TAP Clash Of Heavens - Fast-Paced Combat - Shoot, Destroy & Push Forward

Apr 14, 2017 - Element Cell Game Limited today introduces Clash Of Heavens 1.0, their new Incremental Shooter game for iOS and Android devices. In Clash of Heavens, you summon a horde of allies to surround and destroy monsters. You will power up your hero and allies with Incremental clicker gameplay, and go forth to annihilate the Devil Army. Collect pets, artifacts and equipment to help your clause. Compete against other heroes and win marvelous rewards from tournaments.

Jigsaw Puzzle 500+ v2.0 now multiplayer on both iOS and Android

Apr 14, 2017 - Texas based developer, Magnin & Associates today releases Jigsaw Puzzle 500+ v2.0, an update for their popular iOS game, and now available for the first time on Android. The free version is fully playable with its own built-in photo. For a nominal in-app-purchase you can use your own photos to generate random jigsaw puzzles ranging from 12 to over 500 pieces. You can also invite up to 3 friends to help you complete the puzzle online.

Self Expression Arts releases Hungry Black Hole 1.0 for iOS/Android

Apr 12, 2017 - Self Expression Arts announces Hungry Black Hole 1.0, their new game for iOS and Android devices. Hungry Black Hole works out the player's brain. Offering a fun control game experience, Hungry Black Hole is a simple control game easy enough to be played with one finger, but players need to come up with creative solutions to solve most levels. The mini black hole is starving. Their mission is to remove various obstacles so that the mini black hole can the candy.

AsterDroids released for all Mobile Devices - Gorgeous 3D Space Shooter

Apr 06, 2017 - Utah based Skapp Enterprises today introduces AsterDroids 0.2.7, its new 3D space shooter developed for all mobile devices. AsterDroids provides mobile gamers with classic game play brought up-to-date with stunning 3D graphics, beautifully controlled free roaming space flight, and a gorgeous virtual Solar System. In typical doomsday fashion, players blast away all the 3D Droids and Asteroids controlled by aliens, to save the planet.

Tap Tap in Galaxy - One-Touch Game is Simple-to-Play yet Tough to Master

Apr 06, 2017 - Independent developer, Hammad Naeem today announces Tap Tap in Galaxy 1.2, an update to a fun and addictive new one-touch arcade game for iOS and Android devices. In Tap Tap in Galaxy, players must tap their screen to carefully navigate a girl space traveler, as she hurtles around various interstellar objects and obstacles. Along the way, users collect hearts and diamonds to boost their score. They can also grab creative power-ups. Version 1.2 includes minor bug fixes.