How Fitness Trainers Are Making Six-Figure Salaries Online

The online fitness industry is valued at USD 20.3 billion in 2023, with an expectation to keep growing.

Getting a share of the market’s huge revenue can be challenging, especially if you’re starting. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We have therefore come up with this article, shedding light on how fitness trainers are making six-figure salaries online and how you can become one of them.

Let’s dive in!

1. Affiliate Marketing

With the growing fitness industry, making money throughfitness affiliate programs is easier because of the increasing demand for fitness products.

You can search for affiliate programs and promote their products on your blog, YouTube videos, email, or social media platforms. Examples of products to promote are gym equipment and fitness courses.

Of course, you need to share useful content that solves your audience’s biggest problems and integrate relevant products in your content.

2. Developing a Fitness App

Some fitness trainers make huge sums of money online from their fitness apps. From tracking fitness progress to nutritional goals, apps provide a valuable tool to many fitness enthusiasts.

The market for online training apps is also rising, allowing users to get custom workout routines to meet their fitness goals.

Getting the appropriate audience to use the app is the key to making fitness apps lucrative. Developing an app may require substantial cash, but it’ll be worth it once the six figures start coming in.

3. Starting a Podcast

Another method fitness trainers use to make money online is starting a podcast. It is a creative way of monetizing your fitness knowledge without spending much money or time on inputs.

All a trainer needs to start their podcast is a piece of audio equipment that need not be costly and the dedication to releasing content regularly. Afterward, running ads and selling sponsorships are ways for fitness trainers to generate more income.

4. Selling Apparel and Supplements

Many fitness trainers have made a fortune selling apparel and supplements to their online audience. The best fitness trainers create, for instance, a line of t-shirts or shorts labeled with their brand name.

Some fitness lovers and athletes use nutritional supplements for optimal performance and recovery, so delivering top-tier products is a viable way to earn money.

5. Taking Advantage of Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorships can get you earning six figures and help you succeed as a fitness trainer. By showing expertise and professionalism in what they do, fitness trainers position themselves to attract brands that offer beneficial opportunities.

Having a large following to get a sponsorship deal is not mandatory, though it’s a plus and could affect your offer. The crucial thing is branding yourself as a trusted and engaging figure with a fervent following.


The fitness industry remains one of the more lucrative industries with the growing realization of the importance of a fit and healthy body.

The large revenues have made the industry more competitive, forcing fitness trainers to diversify ways of increasing their income.

With the methods mentioned in this article, making a six-figure salary online as a fitness trainer can become a reality for you.