Garmin Watch – Your Ultimate Activity Partner

Physical activities are gaining popularity in various forms. People are constantly striving to push their physical boundaries and lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle. Marathons and street races with participation of more than 10,000 individuals are no longer a novelty. Even amateur sports enthusiasts have regular training sessions and monitor their progress. With the aid of technological advancements, sports watches have become a handy tool. They facilitate the tracking of various parameters, making training sessions more effective and enjoyable.

Sports watch – keep full control of your activity

The sports watch is a powerful tool that enables comprehensive monitoring and analysis of physical activity. It allows for tracking of various parameters during a workout such as pulse, pace, number of steps, step length, time and much more. With such vital information at our fingertips, we can effortlessly gauge our running speed and pulse rate. Next, we can adapt our pace according to our training goals and the weather conditions. After a workout, all of our activity is recorded in our account, allowing us to carry out a thorough analysis of the exact parameters – including when our pace decreased, increased, or when our pulse rate peaked. This lets us better understand our training, identify areas of potential improvement and make necessary changes to our training. Furthermore, we can easily access our total distance covered for the week and month, all in one place. And, if we wish, we can share our training achievements on social media. This trend has recently gained immense popularity.

Wristwatches equipped with a built-in heart rate monitor can also facilitate analysis of our sleep quality. By simply examining the graphs, we can gather information on our total sleep time, individual sleep phases and even the duration of deep sleep. Since rest and recovery are critical components of an athlete’s training regimen, this function proves to be exceedingly valuable. Nowadays, sports watches have become ubiquitous, and it is rare to encounter someone who trains without one. Can you imagine the time and effort it would take to manually track your workouts in a diary, record the time from an ordinary watch, and map out the distance covered? Monitoring parameters during training would be limited to mood and personal judgement. Undoubtedly, the owners of these sophisticated devices would not willingly give them up, attesting to their vital role in enhancing our training and overall life.

Garmin watches – smartwatches for sports fans

Garmin watches, like other technological devices, are constantly advancing and evolving. Initially, they were equipped with only GPS functionality, with the pulse measuring function requiring a separate chest strap. Nowadays, they often come equipped with a built-in heart rate monitor, allowing for pulse measurement directly from the wrist. With an extensive array of features, they have evolved beyond being mere timekeepers. Advanced models like the Garmin Fenix and Garmin Epix boast an impressive range of capabilities, such as the ability to make payments through Garmin Pay and to receive phone notifications. These advanced functions truly set them apart as highly developed devices.

These impressive devices are further enhanced by exceptional features such as a long-lasting battery, robust glass, a sturdy case made of top-quality materials and a technologically advanced display. With an extensive range of sports profiles, including rowing, skiing and golf, these watches cater to a wide range of sports enthusiasts. The Garmin Fenix 7s even boasts solar charging, making it an ideal choice for trekking expeditions where access to electricity is limited.

For avid golfers, both the Fenix and Epix models prove to be ideal options as they come pre-loaded with over 42,000 golf courses. In addition to displaying valuable tips and training suggestions, they offer an unparalleled golfing experience.

Which sports watch to choose?

In summary, there’s a wide range of functions offered by different Garmin watches. For those seeking basic workout functions, the Forerunner series with GPS and built-in heart rate monitor may be a good choice. Note that as the model number increases, the watch becomes more advanced.

On the other hand, those with a bigger budget and seeking greater performance may find the newer Garmin Fenix models more suitable. These watches offer extended battery life. As a result, they are ideal for ultra-marathoners and lovers of extreme sports. The Garmin Epix, for example, can last up to six days in training mode. With such a wide range of products, everyone can find the right device to meet their needs.