How to make a User-Friendly Website?

It goes without saying that the user’s satisfaction is the most important factor in todays’ digital world. Online business owners, regardless of their type, are continuously improving their procedures to make their customers happier than before.There are quite a few best practices, techniques and tactics that must be utilized, in order to make a website user-friendly. Whether you are a business owner who has already taken your business online, or you are planning to start your own online business soon, it is worth your while to be aware of the best practices, while looking for a professional web design company in Dubai to work with. Let’s see what it takes in order for your website to be user-friendly.

Optimize the loading speed to improve user experience

Webpage loading speed is a very important factor for a website to look user-friendly. Internet users are not tolerant enough these days to wait more than a couple of seconds for a web page to load completely. As such, do what it takes to improve your website loading speed and check it from time to time to ensure that it is loading optimally.

Create Quality Content to make users happy

Quality content is the key element for users to judge your website as well as how your website performs on Google, so you must be very sensitive about content, if you are reviewing different SEO packages in Dubai to choose one. You must firstly consider creating content in a reasonable time-frame. Secondly, the content must be of a high quality. It means, you must create relevant and fully informative content that responds to the most questions that users may have on a specific subject. More importantly, users are not interested in long textual content. You must keep your content as simple and brief as possible, while not sacrificing the quality. Alternatively, it is highly recommended to create visualized content where possible, as people are more eager to watch  rather than read these days.

Simplicity is the key to make users satisfied

Avoid making your website complicated. The majority of Internet users are against such websites and once they see one, they would instantly leave and look for another one. As such, your website must be designed as simple as possible with easy to understand Call-To-Actions, straight-forward surfing and searching and at last convenient action procedure at the checkout and payment stage. Your whole website must be understandable and usable for a wide range of visitors with different levels of education and knowledge.

Make it multilingual to make users with low proficiency in English language happier

Whether you are targeting an international market or a multinational market like Dubai, providing language options for users to select from, based on their preferred language, would add a lot of value to your business. In addition to user-friendliness, a multilingual option would improve your website’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Multi Currency payment option enhances user satisfaction

Same as the multilingual option, providing the capability for users to pay in their preferred currency, if applicable, would make your website more user-friendly. People are not very eager to pay in different currencies, as there are fees and costs associated with the payment. Banks usually charge transaction costs and fees and utilize exchange rates that in many cases are less than the market rates. Hence, such an option would make customers enthusiastic to fulfill their needs through your platform. At last, a website with a multi currency payment option looks more professional and trustworthy.


If you are looking to make your online business lucrative, you must make and keep your customers happy. As such, your website should be user-friendly and easy to work with, for the sake of customers’ satisfaction. To do so, it is highly recommended to work with a Professional digital service provider to rest assured that your website is designed in compliance with all best practices and standards.

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