Weather - Latest Releases

Xeric Design brings EarthDesk to Apple TV

Aug 04, 2020 - Longtime Mac developer, Xeric Design releases EarthDesk for tvOS in the App Store. EarthDesk, gracing Mac desktops since 2002, is now available for Apple TV with an intuitive new interface specifically designed for the TV environment. You've never seen EarthDesk quite like this. On a large screen, and especially at 4K resolution, EarthDesk's wide variety of map projections, graphic styles and near-real time data make a wonderful showpiece for your home or office.

WeatherGraph for iOS and watchOS Released

May 14, 2019 - Southside Development has released its first iOS and watchOS application, WeatherGraph 1.1.2. WeatherGraph is a weather forecasting application which presents forecast data for the United States in a unique graphical format. WeatherGraph uses reliable forecast data, and observations are taken only from reliable and trusted weather stations. Furthermore, WeatherGraph has a unique Apple Watch app with many different complication styles and a useful Today View widget.

WeatherSelfie for iOS - Your own weather forecast

Jun 13, 2018 - Lakehorn AG releases WeatherSelfie, a new iOS app that helps you create your own weather forecast. Artificial intelligence is used to analyse photos of the sky and clouds, using machine learning. A forecast is then created with the help of a detailed weather expert system trained by meteorologists. The 10 most common weather conditions are built-in for all climate zones worldwide. Additionally, the season and daytime are used to determine the final weather forecast for the next couple of hours.

Thermometer X & Hygrometer App - Simple and Minimalistic Weather App

Jan 04, 2018 - Indie developer Christian Koch releases Thermometer X & Hygrometer App 1.0.5, an important feature update to his popular weather utility for iOS devices. Designed specifically for the purpose to measure accurate weather temperature, Thermometer X & Hygrometer App stands out with its simplicity, a focus on minimalistic design and very user-friendly. Version 1.0.5 sports an all-new Full Black Mode, remembers the current selected Celsius/Fahrenheit scale throughout app restarts and minor bug fixes.

UltraWeather released - New reliable and stylish Weather Forecast App

Jan 25, 2017 - Minsk based developer, Ultralab Apps today introduces UltraWeather 1.0.0, a new iOS app created for everyone who wants to learn all essential and exact information about the weather fast and without wasting time on redundant details. The app provides an accurate hourly, daily and 10-day forecast. That accuracy here is combined with a clean, concise app design that is easy to navigate and demonstrative visuals that are quick to grasp.

Weather Gods Redefines the Weather App

Dec 06, 2016 - Meyume Ltd announces their new premium Weather app as an iOS10 exclusive called the Weather Gods 1.0 for iOS devices. The Weather Gods looks to redefine the weather app by getting rid of weather icons, and using data visualisations and animated procedural graphics instead of icons, enabling users to literally see the weather. Weather Gods provides rich weather data, including detailed text summaries, 24 hour charts, hourly 7 day forecasts, moon phase, notifications, and more.

Unit Radius Releases of Weather VR for iOS - Breakthrough App

Oct 10, 2016 - Unit Radius LLC announces Weather VR 1.1, a remarkably accurate and versatile weather app for iOS devices. Weather VR presents the weather in an eye opening, exciting way using cutting edge virtual reality and 3D technology. This app features a powerful altimeter, 3D Compass, 3D Wind Vane and 3D Sun Tracker and an amazing catalog of 3D weather effects. GPS can be used to get the current weather at the user's location, with both same day and three day forecast options available.

eWeather HD 3.6 - Adds New Glance and Powerful Alerts for Severe Weather

Jul 01, 2016 - Elecont LLC today launches a new version of eWeather HD 3.6. eWeather HD for iPhone & iPad introduces more than 15 new features and improvements. New Glance for Apple Watch will help you to plan your outdoor activities with amazing accuracy! eWeather HD is designed to look beautiful and work beautifully! In addition to Apple Watch app eWeather HD introduces location-aware severe weather warnings, weather reports on lock screen and temperature on home screen badge, 3D-touch support and more.

Seasonality Pro Offers Advanced Wind Simulation for the Upper Atmosphere

Feb 23, 2016 - Michigan baseed Gaucho Software today announces Seasonality Pro 1.1, the latest update to its professional weather app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Seasonality Pro is a powerful tool that allows meteorologists to view and analyze weather model forecast data. Version 1.1 adds a new Particle Mode map layer to show the wind field from the surface to the upper atmosphere, an easy new way to animate maps over a longer period of time, and full support for multitasking on iOS 9.