Is There a Possibility of a Permanent Criminal Record for Shoplifting?

In the eyes of some, shoplifting is not a serious crime. This is especially the case when the stolen object is little or inexpensive. They think it’s just a quick trip to the store’s administration office, at most, or a half-hearted warning not to do it again. The former is possible if the store decides not to press charges, but the offender will still be subject to legal consequences for the misdemeanor.

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Is there a long-term or permanent consequence for shoplifting? Learn about the legal ramifications of shoplifting and how to avoid them by reading this article.

A Definition of Shoplifting

The theft of merchandise from a store without making the appropriate payment is known as “shoplifting.” The thief did it to deprive the rightful owners of their property. Storelifting can also be committed by other means:

  • Hiding or concealing the items on one’s person while still on the store’s premises
  • Avoiding detection by security systems by removing security tags
  • Taking goods out of their containers
  • Pricing adjustments
  • Shoplifting is illegal in this state so you will be punished accordingly.

In what ways might a conviction for shoplifting show up on my record?

A conviction for shoplifting and any fines or jail time imposed will appear on your criminal record. Your acquittal, however, will not reflect negatively on any of your files. You need the greatest criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia. Stealing from a store will not result in a permanent criminal record.

Theft from a store can damper your chances of getting a good job, apartment, or loan. Even if you’ve done your time and been pardoned, a criminal record can make it difficult to find decent employment.

I have a criminal record; what options do I have to get it expunged?

Shoplifting convictions in Philadelphia can be sealed. When these conditions are met, you may seek to have your criminal history expunged:

  • You faced charges but ultimately did not face conviction for any criminal act, whether it was a summary, felony, or misdemeanor.
  • You have a conviction, but you don’t have to worry about being arrested for at least five years.
  • You completed a program and are now eligible for probation without a conviction.