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Mac Advertising Network Launches Free Advertising for the Mac Faithful

Oct 30, 2008 - Jon Brown Designs today announces the launch of Mac Advertising Network, a free banner and textual ad network for the Mac faithful. The Mac Advertising Network is a free service for Mac software developers and users alike to help promote their products and services. Anyone may sign up to the service to place their banner ads. Websites that are on the network will in turn display their ad on rotational basis. The service is free to all comers.

BeFit - The Ultimate Calorie Tracking System

Aug 27, 2008 - Jon Brown Designs and Chad Jones are proud to announce BeFit for Mac OS X. BeFit is an amazing new Mac app, that combines the USDA health and food database on Nutrition Facts, and the ability to track calories and more in one interface. BeFit boasts one of the largest food databases in any mac health app with the ability to make as many lists or food groups as you like.