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Ladytimer - iPhone Tool to Pinpoint Fertility

Jul 07, 2011 - Ladytimer announces a major upgrade of its Ovulation Calendar for iPhone. The calendar uses period dates and recorded body temperature to calculate the woman's menstrual cycle and to forecast future cycle days. As the user enters more period dates and records resting body temperatures, Ladytimer finetunes the cycle using the additional information. Ladytimer also comes with an alarm function that sends notifications to women before each cycle.

Ladytimer Ovulation Calendar Iphone App

Dec 11, 2010 - Ladytimer is pleased to announce the release of the Ladytimer Ovulation Calendar for iPhone and iPod touch. The calendar uses the last period date as provided by the user to predict future female cycle days. The Ovulation Calendar application helps women to determine fertile days of the month in order to achieve or avoid pregnancy. The application displays the menstrual cycle on a monthly calendar with fertile and ovulation days colored in green and period days in pink.