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Aquafadas updates Award-winning iDive to Version 1.8

Aug 23, 2007 - Aquafadas announces iDive 1.8, the latest installment of its popular digital video cataloging product, with vastly improved capture and import options, new organizational tools and numerous improvements throughout the product. This new version includes a completely new capture module for video footage that lets users choose how they want their videos stored on disk: either as high quality footage fully compatible with either iMovie or Final Cut, or as on-the-fly compressed videos.

Aquafadas unveils PulpMotion 1.2

Jun 28, 2007 - PulpMotion 1.2 adds new features and improves performances in Aquafadas' innovative slideshow and presentation tool. For the ones that couldn't make it to the DeliciousGeneration party during WWDC, no regrets; now it's their chance to discover the latest features of PulpMotion.

Whet your appetite for Leopard with the new Time Machine

May 20, 2007 - MONTPELLIER, FRANCE " May 20th 2007 : Aquafadas released two new themes for Pulpmotion: TimeMachine and Bouncing. With the TimeMachine Theme, move back in time and visualize your images and videos in a Leopard-like manner. With Bouncing, put some spring in your slideshows.

PulpMotion 1.1 raises the bar in interactive slideshows

May 03, 2007 - Aquafadas unveils PulpMotion 1.1 and raises the bar in interactive slideshows: new navigation capabilities, zoom on media, improved control over timing. Not to mention Silly News...

PulpMotion 1.0.6 adds three new Corporate Themes

Apr 02, 2007 - MONTPELLIER, FRANCE - APRIL 2nd 2007 - Aquafadas announces the availability of PulpMotion 1.0.6 with 3 brand new themes: stunning 3D slideshow, Black Museum and Torn Paper. Improved viewing of media files and support of iMovie projects have also been added to this new version.

PulpMotion launch price...last 2 days!

Feb 12, 2007 - MONTPELLIER, FRANCE - FEBRUARY 7th 2007 : Aquafadas announces that the launch price of 25$ for PulpMotion is about to terminate: from Saturday 10th of February PulpMotion will sell at the regular price of 29.95$... still an incredible price for an application that promises to deliver hours of creative fun. PulpMotion, a new Mac OS X application from Aquafadas gives users a simple yet powerful new option for designing and sharing, in a few clicks, striking media montages that integrate personal