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Air Supply returns to iOS with more retro killer sounds and gameplay

Nov 15, 2013 - Quantum Sheep today introduces Air Supply - Infinite 1.0, its latest game title for iOS devices. Armed with a limited supply of Smart Bombs, and dwindling air, Sam must jump over enemies, avoid UFO tractor beams and handle asteroids as he searches for the legendary Infinity Cups. As players progress, they will unlock new characters, planets, music and even colour. A total of 4608 different combinations are possible. A wealth of Game Center leaderboards and achievements complete the game.

Quantum Sheep forecasts Sunshine everywhere today for iPhone and iPad

Nov 10, 2011 - UK based Quantum Sheep today introduces "Sunshine - Here comes the Sun!", a unique and beautiful new game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Take on the role of the Sun itself, rising and setting throughout history, trying to bring happiness to the world. This is accomplished by shooting grumpy clouds, and trying to avoid setting fire to things. Immensely cute graphics, addictive gameplay and a huge sense of fun round off this addictive game.

Quantum Sheep launches .Matrixx - Exclusive iPad Game

Jul 15, 2011 - UK based indie developer, Quantum Sheep today announces the soon-to-be launch of its latest game, .Matrixx, on July 16th 2011, exclusively for iPad. Full of unlockable content, the title is a trippy avoid/collect game set within an enemy computer system. The player will have to collect as many blue spheres as possible, while avoiding the swarm of enemy red spheres, and collecting powerups to turn the tables on the enemy. .Matrixx promises to one of the most addictive games on your iPad.

Your Air Supply is running out in a new iPhone game from Quantum Sheep

Mar 04, 2011 - UK based indie developer Quantum Sheep, today introduces Air Supply - 1bit Run, a unique run and gun game for iPhone and iPod touch. Stranded on an alien Moon, Spaceman Sam must run for his life, avoiding meteorites, fearsome UFOs and enemies, hoping in vain to stay alive long enough to be rescued. With a unique look, feel and sound all its own, with a compelling unlock mechanic, Air Supply breathes new life into run and gun games.

Gravitrixx and Gravitrixmas - Two iPhone games from Quantum Sheep

Dec 15, 2010 - Indie Dev Quantum Sheep today releases Gravitrixx and Gravitrixmas, two challenging and addictive gravity puzzle action games this holiday season for all iPhone and iPod touch models. Designed to test your mind as well as your reflexes, the games have been designed to ensure that gameplay is tight, addictive and fair, as well as challenging. Gravitrixx is a Tron inspired game of collecting blips while avoiding the evil Red hazards. Over 100 levels will challenge your reflexes and your mind.