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ZooGue Announces Mercedes Benz Inspired iPad Case

Nov 19, 2015 - Tablets continue to evolve, so ZooGue took on the challenge of creating not just the most functional case, but also the most Beautiful case on the market. With the many updates of the iPads over the years, ZooGue has constantly made small improvements on their cases. Not satisfied though, they set out to make not only the most functional case on the market but also the most beautiful design. After 2 years of hard work, the case is finally available to the public.

ZooGue Announces a Major Redesign of its Famous iPad Case

Oct 28, 2015 - As tablets continue to evolve, ZooGue took on the challenge of creating what's by far the most versatile, stable and secure stand cases on the market to date. After years in development, ZooGue is finally releasing a complete redesign of their most popular Case Genius cases. The iPad mini 4, Air 2, and iPad Pro Case Genius Exec cases will provide enhanced protection by encompassing the tablet in a plastic shell that offers extended edges protecting the corners from harm.

ZooGue Announces 3 New Thin yet Functional iPad Cases

Jun 12, 2014 - California based ZooGue today announces the release and redesign of the highly sought after Case Prodigy made for iPad Air and iPad mini. With tablets evolving, becoming lighter and thinner, ZooGue took on the challenge of creating what's by far the most versatile, stable and secure cases on the market to date. The redesigned cases are approximately 40% thinner, 25% lighter and have an additional angle added for extra convenience. ZooGue will also offer a new 3 ring binder case for the iPad Air.

ZooGue Announces two iPad Air Cases - Unique to Any Other Case

Oct 31, 2013 - Innovation continues to inspire as iPad's become lighter, thinner and more accommodating to the consumers needs. Finding the perfect case to outfit such a device becomes imperative. ZooGue is proud to introduce the new iPad Air Cases. The iPad Air Case Prodigy provides a patent pending magnetic kickstand that adjusts to six secure angles. It delivers an attractive solution to other cases and maintains a durable, sturdy and versatile exterior. Features an adjustable headrest mount/hand strap.

ZooGue Announces Ultrathin iPad mini Cases

May 22, 2013 - ZooGue, the leading innovator of mobile accessories and cases, announces the latest addition to their product line, the iPad mini Social Case. High Quality, Lightweight and Durable are words that describe ZooGue's new iPad mini case. Surprising is what can be said about the current offer. Exciting is how it feels to acquire such a purchase. The attractive, comfortable Social Case protects the new sleek iPad mini with a soft durable exterior and is available in Black, Navy Blue and Old Spice Red.

Recycle Your iPad Case with ZooGue's New - The Best Case Wins Promotion

Feb 28, 2013 - ZooGue announces a one of a kind promotion. For a limited time, customers seeking a better iPad Case can try ZooGue's new Case Prodigy and decide which case is better. This risk free promotion allows the customer to try and compare the Case Prodigy to their current case, and then choose which one to keep and which one to return. Case Prodigy features a durable vegan leather exterior, smooth microfiber interior, and strong magnets to keep the stand locked in any of the desired angles.

ZooGue Goes Pro with an Updated iPad Case

Aug 14, 2012 - California based ZooGue today announces the Case Genius Pro, an updated version of their extraordinary fully functional iPad case. This remarkable case provides all the benefits of its predecessor, such as the adjustable angles and headrest mount, as well as access to all cameras, speakers and ports. Taking the original case a step further, the Case Genius Pro offers upgrades that will entice the look, feel and sound of the refreshed design.

ZooGue Announces Authentic Microfiber iPad Sleeve

Aug 01, 2012 - Protection is an important factor for many electronic devices, so it is no surprise that people want to keep their iPad's safe from scratches, dust and debris. Although devices are often cleaned using a microfiber material, ZooGue has taken it one step further providing a complete iPad sleeve made of authentic microfiber. The all new Microfiber iPad Sleeve is make from unbelievably soft material encompassing the tablet and guarding it from potential harm.

ZooGue's Giving Away Free iPhone Screen Protectors

Jun 21, 2012 - Protecting the iPhone is an important factor for many consumers, however having it protected for Free is the best option available. The High Grade Shield Protector accommodates the front and back of the iPhone ensuring complete coverage of the device. ZooGue once again brings a promotion to the masses that will have people taking notice. When the words durable, anti-scratch and ultra-clear are added into this equation, ZooGue's current offer is one that cannot be missed.