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A fix 240fps videos recorded under artificial lights - Flicker Be Gone

Feb 24, 2015 - Warsaw based Motivapps today announces Flicker Be Gone 1.2, its new video app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Shooting video in slow-motion under artificial lights quite often causes uncomfortable flicker. Flicker Be Gone will postprocess your video by averaging the frames' brightness to remove the flicker. This slightly lowers the quality of a video, but makes it far more pleasant to watch. There are two videos that demonstrate the effect. launches free online App Store marketing workshop

Feb 27, 2012 - iOS indie developers can succeed even without building a bestseller. is planning a free online course for indie devs. During the course the participants will work on the marketing aspect of of their apps. Better keyphrases, app description, intricacies of marketing and PR, an overview of the most important marketing tools. This online course is free and will happen 12th March 2012, 11a.m. PST with an opportunity for Q&A. The course content will also be republished at a later date.

Creative, Romantic Letters - Tete a Tete now also on iPad

Jun 14, 2011 - Motivapps is proud to announce the release of Tete a Tete - Letter Writing 1.0. Tete a Tete is for all the lovers who could use some inspiration when writing their loved ones. The app, now available also for iPad, contains a set of practical guides for various kinds of letters - from Apology, to I'm thinking of you, and 'How is your day going. Tete a Tete stands out as unique among similar apps due to its guides instead of fill-out templates.

Goal-Setting Workshop now available for iPad

Jun 13, 2011 - Motivapps announces Goal-Setting Workshop 1.8.1, their first coaching product for iPhone and iPod touch devices. The Goal-Setting Workshop app is a series of exercises that guide users through the process of setting resolutions. Each section consists of three parts: brainstorming, narrowing down the list, and commitment to the goals. At the end of the exercise the user receives a list of nine things that are important to him, along with a plan on how to accomplish them.

Sonnet 1.2 for iPhone - A Love Letter Writing App now in App Store

Apr 01, 2011 - Motivapps today announces Sonnet 1.2, their personal productivity app for iOS devices. One in a series that teach and inspire, Sonnet inspires iPhone users to write love letters. Users select one of the most common scenarios: "Apologies," "Cheer up," "Share your feelings," or a "Booty Call". The app then guides him or her through the process of writing an e-mail, by suggesting structure and key phrases, while leaving details for the user to type in.

Motivapps Releases a Goal-Setting Workshop for iPhone

Dec 23, 2010 - Motivapps announced their first coaching product for iPhone and iPod touch: Goal-Setting Workshop. The Goal-Setting Workshop app is a series of exercises that guide users through the process of setting resolutions. The workshop consists of four parts: brainstorming, narrowing a list of goals, committing to a few, and getting motivated to meet them. The app contains a goal tracker, too. As the founder of Motivapps, Tomasz Kolinko, explains: "This is not another to-do list.