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Ninja Boxing Calculator 1.0 - New Retro Fighting Calculator game for iOS

Dec 10, 2013 - LCD Ninja today introduces Ninja Boxing Calculator 1.0, their new retro-styled fighting game for iOS devices. Inspired by the original handheld Casio game of the 80's, Ninja Boxing Calculator is a combination of a simple calculator and an action-packed fighting game. Players control their Ninja to attack, block, and evade punches by selecting different buttons on the calculator interface. Users have 8 rounds to knock out their opponent and beat their highest score.

What's Morgan Freeman got to do with Ninja Boxing Calculator?

Nov 13, 2013 - What's being called the "Morgan Freeman Video" on Twitter has been a popular within the UK #retrogaming community. From a few Twitter followers to thousands in 60 days: Ninja Boxing Calculator has captured the imagination of UK #retrogamers. Ninja Boxing Calculator is a retro-styled combination of handheld fighting game and fully functional calculator, the first of it's kind in the world! Ninja Boxing Calculator will be available in December 2013 for Mac, PC and iPhone.

One Million Downloads Later-Spheroids vs. Lady Jane on the Mac App Store

Mar 03, 2011 - Brisbane based developer Richard's App Alchemy today releases Spheroids vs. Lady Jane 1.3 on the Mac App Store. Spheroids vs. Lady Jane respects the aesthetics of arcade games from the golden era of the early 80's. The goal is simply to destroy all of the splitting Spheroids to advance to the next level. Multiple advanced weapons are available as power-ups; the most powerful enables gamers to unleash a wave of screen-filling destruction.

New 3D Coin Toss Makes The Big Decisions Easier

Feb 26, 2011 - Brisbane based Richard's App Alchemy today announces an update to 3D Coin Toss 1.2 for iOS devices. Now you can flip your virtual coin anywhere. 3D Coin Toss mimics the actual physics of a coin in flight. With greatly improved 3D Graphics and performance, it's easier to see the coin fly and easier to see where it lands. With this handy little app in your pocket, you'll never be stuck for an answer! Just flip the coin and call it.