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Stock + Pro 2.0 released for Mac - Delivers Advanced Stock Tracking

Dec 09, 2013 - Chimp Studios today announces Stock + Pro 2.0, an important update to the most reviewed stock tracking app on the Mac App Store. Among the dozens of new features & enhancements, Stock + Pro 2.0 delivers a redesigned retina user interface, interactive charts, realtime quotes, and a streamlined news reader. The app also provides a scrolling stock ticker in the menubar or on the desktop to give at-a-glance stock information. Perfect for keeping an eye on stocks, commodities, mutual funds and more.

Chimp Studios Celebrates 100,000 Users With Mac App Giveaway

Dec 05, 2013 - Chimp Studios is thrilled to announce that its Mac and iOS apps are now in the hands of over 100,000 users around the world. Chimp Studios will be giving away copies of their three most popular Mac apps as a thank you to the community. Print Selection, Cloud Clip, and Stock + Pro will each be available as a free download for 24 hours over the next three days. Chimp Studios offers a variety of software products and services to the Mac/iOS community.

Print Selection for OS X - Saves Ink, Paper, and Time

Jan 31, 2013 - Chimp Studios today introduces Print Selection 1.0 for OS X. Accessible from the menu bar, the dock, or the Services menu, Print Selection provides a solution for users seeking to print snippets from webpages, emails, and documents. The printing utility can either display a window where users can edit snippets before printing or immediately show the standard print dialog. The OS X Services integration allows Print Selection to serve users even when it is not running.

Cloud Clip for OS X - iCloud Sync Mac Clipboard Between Macs + iDevices

Jan 08, 2013 - Chimp Studios today introduces Cloud Clip 1.0 for OS X, the first clipboard management utility that uses Apple's iCloud service to sync the contents of a Mac clipboard between other Macs and iDevices. Accessible from the menu bar, the dock, or both, Cloud Clip displays an unlimited scrolling list of items copied to the clipboard. Any item can be chosen to paste, preview, favorite, delete, or share by email, Messaging, Twitter, or Facebook. An additional iOS app is required for mobile sync.

Stock + for Mac: Add a Ticker Tape To Your Menubar or Desktop

Sep 18, 2012 - Chimp Studios today introduces Stock + and Stock + Pro for Mac OS X, two stock watching apps featuring customizable ticker tapes, graphs, and common stock metrics. These apps are perfect for investors who want to keep an eye on stocks, commodities, indexes, & mutual funds without disturbing their workflow. Both apps work by placing a scrolling stock ticker in the menubar. When clicked will display a primary window containing more information along with the ability to add and remove securities.

Guest List Planner for OS X-Import From Address Book, Gmail and Facebook

Apr 20, 2011 - Chimp Studios today introduces Guest List Planner 1.0 for Mac OS X, their event planner app featuring one-click import of complete lists of names and addresses stored in the user's Address Book, Gmail and Facebook accounts. With all contacts imported, it is a simple matter of dragging selected names onto the Guest List. The app is perfect for couples planning their weddings, parents planning kids' birthday and graduation parties, and children planning retirement parties for their parents.

App Scanner Rejected from Mac App Store - Free to iOS Developers

Mar 23, 2011 - Chimp Studios today announces that App Scanner, their popular iOS developer tool is now free. App Scanner mimics Apple's automated review process and picks through an app's internal structure to see if a developer has used a private API, an offense that warrants an immediate rejection. The latest version of App Scanner adds on a command line interface that developers can use to more tightly integrate scanning into their build process as well as a simplified form for improving scan results.

Light Quest - A Laser Puzzler Debuts on Mac App Store

Jan 12, 2011 - Chimp Studios today announces Light Quest 1.0, an adventure/puzzle game in the new Mac App Store. Light Quest puts players in a lowly constructo-bot's hover shoes on a mysterious alien world. In order to return home, players will have to guide a laser beam through 15 hand-crafted 3D levels using only mirrors, beam splitters, ingenuity, and what they find along the way. The game features five original music tracks that range from subtle sci-fi/Native American blends to stomping industrial scores.