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Doku - Play Sudoku with your friends

Nov 01, 2012 - iStormApps has released Doku 1.0, a new App for the iPhone/iPad that forever changes the popular sudoku puzzle. The app includes features such as Doku duel in which users play against each other in a time-race. Players may even use weapons against each other. It goes one step further with the Dokugram that the player posts to the Facebook or email to friends. One tap on it puts the friend in a "Virtual" duel with the original player.

Honk for iPhone/iPad saves you from parking tickets and help find car

Aug 16, 2011 - Boston based iStormApps today announces Honk 1.5, a major update to their popular parking app for iOS devices. Called the Swiss Army Knife of parking apps, Honk packs four superb functions for drivers in one elegant package, including a Parking Meter Alarm, Find Your Car, Handwriting and Photo Memo, and Find Nearby Places. Honk's most distinguishing features are its simple and intuitive swiping to set the meter, GPS map, Compass, Bread-Crumb Trail, and much more. Version 1.5 is now iPad native.

Honk 1.0 - Innovative Parking Helper App released for iPhone and iPad

Jan 14, 2011 - Massachusetts based iStormApps today released Honk 1.0, an App for iPhone/iPad to help users avoid parking tickets and find their car. While in the background, Honk displays the minute-by-minute update of the remaining time. It also features a smooth handwriting memo and super-imposed photo to mark the parking spot. Honk automatically records the GPS location and offers convenient self-orienting map. Swipe. Scribble. And Quit. Parking has never been this fun! Honk if you agree.