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New Visual Planning Software Launched

Jan 27, 2015 - Oryx Digital Ltd today introduces Hyper Plan 1.0.1, its new planning solution for Mac OS X and Windows. Hyper Plan allows anyone to create cards with user-defined properties, such as status, priority, assigned to and budget. The cards can then be arranged and colored according to these properties. Users can easily arrange cards in rows by priority, or even colored by who they have been assigned to. Hyper Plan can also arrange cards in a timeline and total numerical properties by row and column.

Networking event seating solved

Jul 15, 2014 - Creating a seating plan for an event is hard. Creating multiple seating plans so that the same people don't sit together twice, is an order of magnitude more difficult again. But PerfectTablePlan can now handle multiple seatings with ease, saving days of effort per event. Oryx Digital recently released PerfectTablePlan 5.2, the industry leading seating planning software. The new version has many improvements and new features, including the ability to plan and report on multiple seating events.

Event Seating Charts Go Digital with PerfectTablePlan v.5

Jun 19, 2012 - PerfectTablePlan version 5 was released today with an innovative new electronic seating chart. Electronic seating charts have many advantages over traditional paper seating charts, including the ability to make last minute changes with a minimum of fuss. 'Real time' seat assignment for events is now a possibility. The new version has over 40 improvements and new features, including a digital seating chart which displays table/seat assignments as continuously scrolling text.

New Seating Planning Software For Event Professionals

Sep 09, 2009 - UK based Oryx Digital today announced new Professional and Advanced Editions of their PerfectTablePlan seating planning software. First launched in 2005, PerfectTablePlan has helped thousands of event planners in more than 80 countries to save time and avoid embarrassing mistakes creating seating arrangements for gala dinners, fundraisers, award ceremonies, weddings receptions, bar mitzvahs and other events.

PerfectTablePlan Seats Its Two Millionth Guest

Oct 07, 2008 - Oryx Digital announced today that their seating planner software, PerfectTablePlan, was released recently, adding more than 30 new features and improvements. Since it's launch in 2005, PerfectTablePlan has seated an estimated two million guests at weddings receptions and events in more than 50 countries. PerfectTablePlan continues to forge ahead with the release of version 4.