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infiniteNIL Releases PhoneWord for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Jan 28, 2009 - infiniteNIL has released PhoneWord for the iPhone and iPod Touch. PhoneWord finds a vanity phone number or phone words. PhoneWord can find phone words from phone numbers chosen from the user's contacts or by manually entering a phone number. Users can save phone words as a favorite. Favorite phone words can be given a name and viewed later.

infiniteNIL Releases Numerology for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Oct 10, 2008 - infiniteNIL has released Numerology, it's first application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Numerology is an application that helps you gain insight into yourself and other people. By studying the numbers represented by a person's name and birth date it is possible to determine their inner personality, talents, hidden tendencies, turning points, and probable challenges in life, among other characteristics. Its a good way to entertain at a party as well.

infiniteNIL Software reduces price of its PackRat software

Oct 06, 2008 - infiniteNIL Software has reduced the price of its PackRat application from $24.95 to $14.95. PackRat is a Mac OS X desktop client for 37signal's Backpack web application. In addition to enhancing Backpack's features, Packrat allows the user to use their Backpack data when they are not connected to the internet. Once they do connect to the internet, PackRat makes sure the Backpack web application is updated with all the changes the user made while they were offline.

infiniteNIL Offers Free Vanity Phone Number Application

Apr 11, 2008 - infiniteNIL has released version 1.5 of PhoneWord, its vanity phone number finding application for Mac OS X. PhoneWord can find vanity phone numbers from any application via its Mac OS service and from the built-in Address Book application via an Address Book plug in. PhoneWord can also be used as stand alone application. PhoneWord 1.5 is now free and has no licensing restrictions.

Backpack Desktop Client gains AppleScript, Automator Support

Apr 18, 2007 - A new version of PackRat, the Mac OS X desktop client for the 37signals' Backpack web application, adds support for AppleScript and Automator.

Desktop Client for 37Signals' Backpack Web Application

Feb 12, 2007 - infiniteNIL Software has released v. 1.0 of PackRat, a Mac OS X desktop client for 37signals' Backpack web application, which allows users to use their Backpack data when they're not connected to the internet.