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iBank 3.3 Improves Quicken Import, Keyboard Entry, iPhone Support, More

Oct 22, 2008 - IGG Software announces iBank 3.3, the latest upgrade to its flagship application for personal and small business finance management. Among the most important changes in iBank 3.3 is improved migration of Quicken data for new users making the switch to iBank. iBank 3.3 also improves keyboard-based transaction entry to be faster and more efficient, and direct consultation with Apple has restored full functionality to iBank's iPhone/MobileMe integration.

IGG Software hires Chief Architect James Gillespie

Oct 06, 2008 - IGG Software has hired long-time Macintosh developer James Gillespie as Chief Architect, overseeing development of all applications at the firm. The position is new. Currently, IGG publishes applications solely for the Mac OS, including iBank 3, a leading alternative to Quicken, and iBiz 3, a time-tracking and invoicing program. All exisiting products will fall under Gillespie's direction, as will several new projects still in development.