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I Keep Having This Dream 1.0 for iOS - Puzzle RPG released

Feb 22, 2016 - Sydney based Fireflame Games today introduces I Keep Having This Dream 1.0, an innovative new puzzle/roleplaying game for iOS devices. The gameplay involves strategically placing tiles to form a path to the exit while battling enemies, overcoming unique obstacles, upgrading items and choosing an optimal combination of perks and abilities. The game ships with a randomised selection of tilesets, multiple increasingly-difficult worlds, a pool of special enemies with unique abilities, and much more.

Dungeon Raid 1.3 for iPhone - Character Classes and Achievements

Mar 23, 2011 - Sydney based Fireflame Games today releases Dungeon Raid 1.3, an update to their addictive puzzle/roleplaying game for iOS devices. Dungeon Raid puts the player in the shoes of a dungeon-delving adventurer, collecting resources and killing enemies by tracing a sequence of matching tiles. This much-awaited 1.3 update adds an extra layer of gameplay via 10 unlockable character classes as well as 75 Game Center and OpenFeint achievements.

Dungeon Raid 1.2 for iPhone - Now with Game Center and OpenFeint

Jan 20, 2011 - Fireflame Games today released their latest update to the Dungeon Raid game for iPhone and iPod touch. Dungeon Raid is an addictive and very positively-reviewed puzzle/roleplaying game where players must trace a line of tiles for rewards while avoiding the enemy. This 1.2 update introduces global leaderboards using OpenFeint and Game Center as well as a number of gameplay enhancements, such as 10 new enemy types and an improved item upgrade system.