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Take the order - Navigate to your space dominions

Dec 07, 2011 - iFree Studio introduces Space Dominions 1.0, their new science fiction game for iOS devices. Roll up your sleeves and start constructing and fighting in the mysterious space dominions. This real-time strategy game offers players the majestic scenery of mysterious galaxy, designs more quests & equipment to be explored, and synchronizes their interactions with other players. To win the battle you need to ally with friends: send messages to attract supporters and battle to be the lord of the space.

Emross War is Set to Slay on iPhone

Feb 01, 2011 - There are times when everyone is a little stressed, and honestly what better way to feel at peace then by laying siege to a hated enemy? You should also never be denied by time or location when you feel the urge to pillage and destroy. That is why iFree studio is proud to announce the launch of their new Massive Multiplayer iPhone app, Emross War. This action packed game will have you taking on the role of a young lord who's caught in the middle of a hostile invasion by the forces of chaos.