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About InQBarna
Located in Barcelona, Spain, InQBarna was founded in 2009 by six partners: Nacho Sanchez, Sergi Hernanz, David Garcia, David Romacho, Antonio Ortega and Javier Zamora. InQBarna focuses on mobile development, mainly music apps. They also do mobile development for 3rd parties. InQBarna has a large experience in bringing ideas to market products based on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7 platforms.
Over 100k Users Welcome The Premium Version Of The Music App Splyce

Jul 09, 2015 - InQBarna is proud to announce the release of Splyce Premium 2.4.2 for iOS devices. The music player app features automatic mixing, playlist creation, 3 mixing modes, 5 transition modes between songs, Pulselocker streaming service integration, and more. Users gave the app a warm welcome, encouraging Inqbarna, the development company behind Splyce, to think of new cool features that will soon arrive to this spectacular music player that allows users to show the DJ inside of them.

Inqbarna Presents deej Lite, The Ultimate Freemium Dj Mixer

Apr 24, 2015 - Inqbarna, the company behind deej, presents deej Lite, the ultimate tool for mobile DJing, a free full-feature DJ mixer. The new era of DJing has already started and deej wants to be an important ally of all mobile DJs out there. With deej Lite you can initiate in the DJing world by mixing, recording and sharing your own music sessions. Fetures include: Loops & effects: echo, flanger, phaser, filter. Upload your recordings to SoundCloud, MixCloud, and Dropbox.

Splyce celebrates United Nations award launching an improved app version

Dec 22, 2014 - InQBarna announces Splyce 2.4, a new version of its powerful music player for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Splyce can make you shine as a party host as it synchronizes music & lighting and mixes the songs on your playlist like a real DJ. After being awarded by the United Nations with the World Summit Award Mobile, Inqbarna, the company behind Splyce, releases an iPhone 6 & iOS 8 compatible improved version and a new emotional video with the aim that everyone becomes his/her own DJ.

deej, the DJ mixer for social DJs comes up with a futuristic design

Sep 01, 2014 - InQBarna announces a new version of this DJ mixer is out on the App Store and with a powerful new design. After three years of a clear and technical design, Inqbarna, the app development company behind the successful deej app, brings this futuristic and colorful new skin for this great tool for DJing. Users can continue to mix, record and share their own music sessions to Mixcloud, Soundcloud and Dropbox, with one of the top iOS turntables.

deej version 4.3 brings iTunes, Mixcloud and Dropbox integration for DJs

Apr 14, 2014 - A new version of one of the most powerful DJ tools is now available on the App Store. Inqbarna, the development company behind deej, has launched its version 4.3 bringing some great new features to this DJ mixer with over a million users between all its versions. Great improvements when it comes to the music browser, BPM adjustments, smart transitions and, above all, an easiest and powerful way to share your music sessions to Mixcloud, Soundcloud and Dropbox. Welcome to the DJ era!

InQBarna launches Lext Talk - Your Language Exchange Academy

Dec 30, 2013 - InQBarna has announced the release of the new version of Lext Talk - Your Language Exchange Academy. Lext Talk allows users to find others with whom to share a conversation, in their own language or the language they are learning. It makes language learning easy and fun, by letting users start a conversation in any language at their own level, using online translation tools when needed, and creating their own custom dictionary along the way. Available for iOS users and soon in Google Play.

deej to be the first DJ music app to share to Mixcloud and Dropbox

Dec 27, 2013 - After reaching 1 million downloads on the App Store with all deej versions, the developers at Inqbarna want to share their own Christmas gift with the release of deej 4.2, an update to their popular music app. Designed for both amateur and professional DJs alike, deej turns your iPhone or iPad into an interactive and addictive mixing table with the music of your library. Version 4.2 features a new smart transition engine, new sound effects, inter app audio, DJ2GO support and a new logo.

Splyce celebrates version 2.0 being named App Store Best of 2013

Dec 18, 2013 - After a thrilling first release on the App Store, InQBarna releases Splyce 2.0, a major update adding complex features to their fancy music player with magical DJ powers. Splyce can make you shine as a party host as it synchronizes music & lighting and mixes the songs on your playlist like a real DJ. Splyce 2.0 is a major update for the app and the new features it introduces two new lighting modes, as well as includes two new transitions in the Pro version and so much more.

Inqbarna releases the first DJ app with MixCloud support

Nov 21, 2013 - Announcing today, Inqbarna releases a MixCloud empowered version of deej, the ultimate turntable for iPad & iPhone. Deej is the first DJ app integrated with the best cloud service for electronic music lovers. Now everyone can mix & upload their own Cloudcasts to Mixcloud and let the world enjoy their music sessions. deej is the most professional, reliable and easy to use mixer for DJing on the App Store and offers its users a world of opportunities by integrating with the top DJ music service.