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Time Limited Bargain: Calories 3 Weekend Special Sale!

Feb 14, 2013 - danholt4mac announces a weekend special for Calories 3 (v3.3), only $0.99 USD instead of $9.99. On February 16th and 17th 2013 users will have the extraordinary opportunity to get the latest and greatest version of Calories 3, the tool for health care, nutrition and fitness, for less than a buck. With the ability to track and optimize nutrition, calculate personal calorie limits, and more, Calories 3 will help users to live a healthier life.

Calories 3.3 released: VitaDock-Devices by Medisana are now supported

Jan 14, 2013 - A free update for Calories to version 3.3 is now available from the danholt website and the Mac Appstore. Calories 3.3 now includes the much desired import for data from the VitaDock App. The VitaDock line by Medisana offers diverse devices that allow you to measure your body data directly from your iPhone, iPod, iPad and similar products, such as the CardioDock for glucose measurements and the TargetScale for weight and body analysis.

Calories 3.2 supports Fitbit, iPhone App Cal2Go 3.0 released

Oct 04, 2012 - An update for Calories 3.2 is now available from danholt4mac and the Mac App Store. Calories provides you with numerous assistants to lose weight and track your blood pressure and blood sugar. Calories 3.2 can now fetch data from the popular Fitbit fitness tracking devices Fitbit Ultra Fitnesstracker and the all new Fitbit Zip. In addition to updating Calories 3 we have also entirely redesigned the iPhone App Cal2Go. The interface has been updated, making it a lot easier and quicker to use.

danholt4mac announces Calories 3 is out now

Apr 18, 2012 - Calories 3 is out now - The health program 3.0 provides you with numerous assistants to lose weight and track your blood pressure and blood sugar. An extensive update to Calories 3 has just been released on the Mac Appstore as well as at danholt4mac. Calories 3 introduces new, useful features to help you lose weight and track your body data. The all new milestone assistant helps you reach and sustain your desired weight: You can specify your goal and the timeframe within which you wish to reach.

Lion celebration offer for Calories 2 on Mac App Store

Jul 20, 2011 - danholt4mac today announces a special 5-day "Lion Celebration" offer for Calories 2, exclusively available on the Mac App Store till July 24th, 2011. Calories offers weight tracking with automatic BMI-calculation and calendar. Track your weight with the practical and easy-to-use balance-panel. You will be supported by a various of large food databases included, or use the built-in food editor to create your own foods and add them as needed with a simple click to your daily food record.

danholt4mac releases Calories 2.8 - Fit for Lion

Jun 30, 2011 - danholt4mac today releases Calories 2.8, an update to its popular daily nutrition and tracking software for Mac OS X. Calories offers weight tracking with automatic BMI-calculation and calendar. And Calories now offers more conveniences. New options have been added to retranslate your food database to more languages. All data that has been collected with Calories 2 will be updated and the translated food names will appear.

Movator for iOS: Motion-Sensing Technology Tracks Daily Calories Burned

May 23, 2011 - Independent developer danholt4mac today introduces Movator 1.0 for iOS, their fitness app that employs new motion-sensing technology to accurately record the number of calories the user burns each day. The proprietary technology allows the user to simply carry the iOS device in their pocket, and the app will recognize and record different activities, including: walking, sitting, running, driving and doing work at a desk. At the end of each day, users may review their progress.

iStockEx Now Available in the Mac App Store at a Discounted Price

Mar 21, 2011 - danholt4mac today announces that iStockEx (former named: iStock) is availabe on Mac AppStore. iStockEx 1.6.1 is a handy easy-to-use portfolio manager for your private or professional use. You can set up as much portfolios as you want and track the performance of your shares in real time. iStockEx continuously retrieves the latest quotes from the internet and updates automatically the value of your assets, including calculation of gain or loss in a convenient format in your local currency.

Calories 2 - Special Valentine's Promotion on Mac App Store

Feb 14, 2011 - danholt4mac today announces a special Valentine's promotion for Calories 2, their nutrition and activities tracking and analysis application for Mac OS X. Targeted at casual users, Calories is a perfect compliment to body building, fitness and other sports. Users may select foods from the applications database and add them to breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacking categories. This special offer is valid only on February 14th, 2011.