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Flying Pig releases Edouard Universe version 2.0 for OS X

Mar 02, 2015 - Flying Pig today announces a new major update of the whole Edouard Universe. Edouard 2.0, Edouard Warehouse 2.0 and Edouard POS 2.0 are now available and 100% cloud based solutions. The 2.0 version brings major changes to the Edouard universe. Following a very brief registration from the OS X app, the users can now access their dedicated cloud server instance within minutes. These instances are accessed securely & remotely from anywhere in the world from all of your Edouard client applications.

Edouard Universe updated to 1.6

Aug 05, 2014 - Flying Pig today announces Edouard Universe 1.6, a new update to its small and medium businesses management solution. Edouard is a OS X native Client-Server application built on top of PostgreSQL. Manage your whole business from purchases to sales. Edouard becomes free for single connection slot users! All apllications within the Edouard Universe are updated to version 1.6, bringing new localizations, bug fixes and performance improvements.

Edouard Warehouse and Edouard POS 1.5 released for Mac OS X

Apr 02, 2014 - Flying Pig announces both Edouard POS and Edouard Warehouse version 1.5. Edouard POS 1.5 brings bug fixes and performances improvements versus version 1.4.3 while Edouard Warehouse 1.5 is a complete new application with three new sections: Inventory, Resupply and Purchases. Edouard Warehouse 1.5 is reborn as a complete and simple mobile inventory management platform accessible for SMBs. Edouard is a complete all-in-one, multi-users, client-server, business management solution.

Edouard and Edouard Server updated to 1.5

Apr 01, 2014 - Today, Flying Pig announces a new minor update of its small and medium businesses management solution, Edouard 1.5. Edouard Server is updated to version 1.5 as well and brings along with Edouard a new network layer, a new backbone structure for inventory-related features including the mobile app Edouard Warehouse, new demo feature using Edouard Server app to keep demo data in licensed environment, cloud server availibility and many other improvements/bug fixes.

Flying Pig announces Edouard POS with the release of Edouard 1.4 update

Nov 04, 2013 - Flying Pig today announces Edouard POS, a brand a new Point of Sale product, along with the release of Edouard 1.4. Edouard POS is an iPad application that connects to Edouard Server extending the business management capabilites of Edouard to the retail store. Each Edouard POS device can be configured individually. Edouard 1.4 update brings new products catalog management, new statistics reports, a stronger network layer, simplified administration and many bug fixes.

Flying Pig releases Edouard 1.3 update

Jun 17, 2013 - California based Flying Pig today announces Edouard 1.3, the third minor update to their complete all-in-one, multi-users, client-server, business management solution for Mac OS X. Edouard was developed specifically to cover sales, purchases, manufacturing, inventory management, contact management, accounting, statistics and more. Version 1.3 brings many bug fixes and improvements as well as introduces new features such as sales returns and partial sales credit notes.

Flying Pig's new offer: Get a Mac, get 50% off Edouard

Jun 04, 2013 - Flying Pig is committing itself in helping SMBs to make the switch that will revolutionize the way they work. Today, the company announces a great new offer for Edouard's customers. For all purchases of a new Mac, Flying Pig gives a 50% discount on Edouard! Qualifying is easy and simple. Customers who bought at least one new Mac of the latest generation directly from Apple can apply after providing the appropriate proof of purchase. Offer will be valid between June 10, 2013.

6 Years of Flying Pig

Apr 14, 2013 - Today, Flying Pig celebrates its 6th year of existence by offering a great 30% off discount on Edouard. Six years ago, Flying Pig was created to bring to the world Edouard, the ultimate SMB business management software. Since, Flying Pig has created a complete Edouard universe with a desktop application, a server application, multiple APIs and iOS Applications.

Flying Pig Releases Edouard Warehouse Mobile

Feb 17, 2013 - California based Flying Pig today announces Edouard Warehouse Mobile 1.2, the first iOS satelite app in the Edouard Mac ERP specially created for SMBs - universe. Flying Pig has created Edouard Warehouse Mobile as a feature specific, mobile app to offer incredible productivity and efficiency to Edouard's customers. It is intended to be used within a wifi-covered warehouse to quickly access inventory information and eventually alter them.