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Track CES Exhibitors in a Snap With New Expo Mate App 1.1 for iPhone

Jan 04, 2014 - Independent iOS developer, Raul Rea today introduces Expo Mate, a quick and simple app to keep track of all the exhibitors you meet at an expo, convention, trade show or event like the CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Take a picture of the exhibitor's business card and Expo Mate's built in text recognition will automatically extract their contact info. Add pictures of their products or services with a short description and any additional info on the notes field. Plus app-wide text search.

New Runner App Makes it Easy to Make Your Perfect Running Playlist

Oct 28, 2013 - Independent iOS developer, Raul Rea today introduces Runner, his new fitness app for iPhone devices. Runner not only tracks your run distance, time and pace, but it also tracks your pace per song from your favorite playlists. Your pace per song is saved automatically and updated every time you run. The app then uses this information to create a custom length playlist of your fastest songs. Easily sort playlists to match your style with the fastest song at the middle or end.

Walker - The Smartest Productivity App for iPhone - Available Now

Oct 19, 2012 - Independent developer Raul Rea introduces Walker 1.0 for iOS. The Kickstarter funded app increases efficiency and inbox processing. Users are guided through options for actionable and non-actionable tasks including: do tasks within a timed 2 minutes, email and file tasks in a waiting list, add tasks to the calendar, or send them to a next actions list. With the ability to add tasks from Siri, iCloud or Mac, Walker increases productivity, making sure tasks are filed efficiently and visibly.

Affix for iPhone: Email Templates and Task Manager

Oct 10, 2011 - Independent iOS developer Raul Rea Menacho today announces Affix 2.4.1 for iOS devices. Affix revolutionizes the typical task manager by letting you save or email a task quickly by tapping directly on a task bucket or email template. This improves workflow tremendously by removing the complexity of today's task managers and leaving you with a simple, yet organized system. Open Affix, tap the task bucket or email template, type your task and save or send. Task buckets: contexts, projects, etc.

Affix for iPhone: Email Yourself Quickly with Subject Prefixes/Templates

Mar 09, 2011 - Independent iOS developer Raul Rea Menacho today announces Affix 1.5 for iOS devices. Affix lets you email yourself quickly with subject prefixes. Create prefixes to fit your needs and configure your email to handle them with rules. Open Affix, tap a prefix from the list, type your reminder and hit Send. With Affix, it only takes seconds to email yourself a reminder. It uses the same compose email screen as the iPhone Mail app you already know and love.