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Lagente Releases Clippings for Mac - Secure, Elegant Note Pad

May 09, 2011 - Montreal based Lagente today introduces Clippings 1.0.1 for Mac, a simply elegant note pad with enhanced security and encryption. Clippings offers advanced features such as Import and Export, Encryption, a robust document format, highlighting features, QuickSearch, full search, word and character count and much more. Each page is stored in the document bundle as a separate RTFD file and can be accessed directly if required, without launching Clippings.

Lagente Releases Scenario 1.5 for Mac - Event-based AppleScript launcher

Apr 01, 2011 - Montreal based Lagente Software today announce Scenario 1.5, an update to their AppleScript Launcher utility for Mac OS X. A tool for non-experienced or experienced AppleScripters alike, Scenario enables users to automatically launch AppleScripts when specific System events occur. The list of events include logging-in, logging out, waking from sleep, going to sleep, becoming Idle or active again and pressing a user-defined key combination. It's a great tool to automate everyday tasks.

Lagente Releases PinPoint 3.6 for Mac - Visual Keys - Custom Pointers

Mar 09, 2011 - Lagente Software today releases PinPoint 3.6.1, their popular mouse enhancement for Mac OS X. Used by screencast professionnals & presenters to help their audience locate the mouse on screen, PinPoint provides the user with a series of animated graphics which are displayed around the mouse pointer. It helps audiences follow-along presentations and demos and also serves to help the visually disabled use their computers more effectively.