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Apology From Monkeybin For A Marketing Ploy That Back-Fired

Dec 16, 2011 - Monkeybin is a small, independent game developer for iOS and Android platforms, based in Norway; being a small team, dedicated to the actual developing side of the business, they often have to outsource roles such as writing, marketing and finance. The CEO of Monkeybin Studios felt compelled to issue a formal apology today for a misdirected outsourced marketing initiative that back-fired on his company.

Teach Your Children Or Students The Alphabet Using iCan ABC For iPhone

Jun 04, 2011 - Monkeybin Studios announces the release of an educational app called iCan ABC. The app is designed for children of preschool level; and allows them to learn the alphabet much easier. It supports multiple languages with their own alphabets - US English, British English, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish - so kids don't have to be from a specific country to take advantage of iCan ABC. iCan ABC was designed for pre-school level kids from the get go with the help of teachers.

JumpShip Thrust Control Released - Play Horizontally with a Free Game

Mar 15, 2011 - MonkeyBin Studios today introduces JumpShip Thrust Control 1.0.1, their new game for iOS devices. Offering gamers a challenging experience and addictive game play, JumpShip Thrust Control features a proton class fighter. Now, inside the tunnels of a large asteroid, with the auto-leveling gyro broken, a gamer has to use the thrusters manually. The game offers fresh and beautiful high definition graphics, an oldskool soundtrack with OpenFeint, Facebook and Email integration.