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LizzardWerks releases short hand 1.0 - Faster typing on iPhone

May 22, 2009 - LizzardWerks today released "short hand" 1.0, an iPhone app that helps write quicker emails, tweets, notes, and more using typing shortcuts. Tap a few letters to automatically insert a whole phrase, or even multiple paragraphs. It makes writing commonly used phrases much faster and easier on the iPhone's small keyboard. Users can create their own typing shortcuts, or modify or delete the built-in ones. Great for BlackBerry switchers, because it's similar to the BlackBerry's AutoType feature.

LizzardWerks releases sketchr 1.0 - Etch-A-Sketch fun comes to iPhone

Apr 08, 2009 - LizzardWerks today announces the release of sketchr 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. sketchr offers a fun new twist on the classic drawing toy Etch-A-Sketch. Rather than using two knobs to draw, users just tilt and lean their iPhone or iPod touch to control which way the line goes. Drawing with sketchr is simple and intuitive. Yet just like the original Etch-A-Sketch, making a decent drawing takes concentration and persistence. And like the original, to erase and start over, just shake it.

Twitter Integration added to Wide Email - Landscape Email for iPhone

Feb 06, 2009 - LizzardWerks today announced Wide Email 3.0, an update to their popular landscape email program for the iPhone. Writing Twitter messages just got easier. With this update, users can now use the BlackBerry style "AutoType" typing shortcuts they've created in Wide Email to write tweets more quickly while on the go. Tapping short, customizable abbreviations can automatically insert commonly used words or phrases. The large keys of the landscape keyboard also make tweeting faster.

Write Emails on iPhone Faster with Wide Email 2.0

Dec 18, 2008 - To make writing emails on the iPhone easier and much quicker, LizzardWerks has released version 2.0 of Wide Email, a landscape email program for the iPhone and iPod touch. Version 2.0 improves Wide Email's "typing shortcuts" feature, making it possible to insert frequently used phrases, multiple lines, or even multiple paragraphs by tapping just a few letters - a feature sorely missed by people who switched from BlackBerry or WinMob to iPhone. Users can add and edit their own custom shortcuts.

Wide Email Update Adds Typing Shortcuts

Dec 12, 2008 - LizzardWerks has announced an update to Wide Email, a landscape email program for the iPhone. Now users can write emails much faster using Wide Email's new feature: "Typing Shortcuts" for frequently used phrases. Quickly typing "cu" could automatically insert "see you later", or a whole sentence or paragraph. Users can add, edit, and delete an unlimited number of custom shortcuts. Wide Email is the only iPhone landscape email program with this time-saving feature.

BlackBerry to iPhone Switchers Rejoice: Typing Shortcuts for Fast Emails

Dec 02, 2008 - LizzardWerks has announced Wide Email, a landscape email program for the iPhone. Wide Email lets iPhone users type emails faster and more accurately by using the wider, landscape-mode keyboard. Blackberry to iPhone switchers will be glad to see the addition of "typing shortcuts" - a long-time feature of BlackBerry email. Add a custom typing shortcuts, add, edit, and delete any number of custom shortcuts. Wide Email is the only landscape email app for the iPhone that has this time-saving feature.