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Letter2Sound HD now available on iPad

Oct 10, 2011 - Chikitsu announces the release of Letter2Sound HD for iOS, our successful series of Letter2Sound apps are now available in HD for iPad. Letter2Sound is simple, straightforward and easy to understand. Simply put, it mimics the first language lesson taught in primary school. It sure doesn't try to do too much and confuse new learners. This is visible in the features like 'Auto Play' where users can play back the sounds of the various alphabets in a sequence. The basic building blocks of languages.

Halloween Drops - Release info

Oct 07, 2011 - Chikitsu introduces Halloween Drops 1.0 and Halloween Drops HD 1.0. This Halloween get ready for a new fun game to add zing to usual trick or treats fun. You sure will meet witches, bats, ghosts and loads of treat shower.Catch the fever with our favorite characters in action in a simple but fun adventure in catching all the treats & freaks. All along enjoy the exciting sounds to create just the right Halloween mood. 'Catch all that treats you, except all that freaks you'

Drop Cop - Aqua City cleanup mission

Aug 06, 2011 - Chikitsu has introduced Drop Cop 1.0, for iPhone and iPad. A new Cop is on the prop. Rumor on the floor is that he wears Red and wants to keep drops off our streets. He wants to catch drops and arrest their flow. From his past cleanup scorecard, this Cop has gone from strength to strength. He sets himself milestones and uses them to learn and unlock tricks. He then uses the same tricks and secrets to score more. All the while he is building up more speed and pacing towards his final victory.

Letter2Sound Helps to Learn and Hear Hindi

Apr 09, 2011 - Chikitsu announces the release of Letter2Sound 1.1 for iOS. In the flat-world of Thomas Friedman, we travel more these days, for business, pleasure, tourism, spiritual quest, etc. And landing in a foreign country (like India) where chaos and confusion rule the road, it becomes important for anyone to have that little edge, where IF they are able to read street signs, shop names, instruction booklets, product/item descriptions, it goes a long way completely depending on your host.