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Call Of Duty Zombies vs Old-School Mario

Aug 02, 2014 - UK based Jelly Studios today announces Swarming Dead 1.53, an update to its popular game title for iOS, Android and Amazon. Simple and easy to pick up, Swarming Dead is a mash up of Call Of Duty zombie-killing survival and 2D classic Mario platformer. Earn points from hits and kills to buy better weapons and power ups throughout the many floors of the arena. With numerous bug fixes and improvements, version 1.53 offers an even more destructive nuclear railgun, and much more.

Evilmaze 1.1 Provides an Extremely Scary Time for Free

Apr 04, 2011 - London based Jelly Studios is proud to announce its newest title Evilmaze 1.1 for iOS. The App is free to download and a great scare trick on unsuspecting people. Horror fans will love this App to and movie fans or people who like to play pranks on people. Get ready for the ultimate game to scare you and anyone else you show it to, Evilmaze will scare you so much you might cry or drop your phone so be careful, its best played in the dark with the sound on max.