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Hoiio Chat Provides Larger Group than WhatsApp

Apr 06, 2011 - Hoiio has released an update to Hoiio Chat, 1.0.8. Hoiio Chat is a relatively new player in the mobile messaging world. Compared to the leader of the mobile messaging app, WhatsApp, Hoiio Chat provides almost the same functions. Users can send messages to other user via their mobile phones without incurring any cost. However, there is one feature of Hoiio Chat that sets it apart from WhatsApp: group chat. Hoiio Chat group can contain 20 people, while WhatsApp 6.

Hoiio Chat Update Means Bigger Group Chats with Smart Notification

Apr 04, 2011 - Singapore based Hoiio releases a new update on its Hoiio Chat app, a mobile app that enables free and instant group messaging across iPhones & Androids. This update allows users to invite up to 20 people to a group conversation; it is enough to fit in a soccer team and its coaches. With mobile messaging being a routine activity, Hoiio want to build an app that will make it more enjoyable, convenient and accessible than what is available today.