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Galactic Conflict - A Large Scale RTS Game designed for the iPad

Mar 09, 2013 - After two years of development, Bitmen Studios announces the release of its competitive real-time strategy game Galactic Conflict for March, 14. The game is an RTS (Real-Time Strategy) game that brings the genre to a scale previously unseen on mobile devices. Galactic Conflict is set in a SciFi environment and is the first iOS RTS game supporting hundreds of units at the same time for some epic multiplayer battles.

Bitmen Studios Returns to iPhone Gaming Market

May 13, 2011 - After 15 years of absence from the gaming industry, Bitmen Studios is back. The company has just released Air Force vs Luftwaffe for Apple's iPhone & iPad, a fast-paced action game set in World War II. It features realistic environments, a physics engine controlling airplane movement and 16 different beautifully rendered models. By completing missions, the player earns experience points he can use to unlock more planes, upgrade them and end up with a whole squadron of fighters to join the fray.