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Transform An iPhone/iPod touch Into External Keyboard Using WriteMate

Dec 01, 2011 - Daniel V.W.A introduces WriteMate 1.0 for iOS devices. If our users have both iPhone and iPad, then it's perfect! This app can transform their iPhone/iPod touch into an external Bluetooth keyboard. WriteMate is unique because it is not only able to replace those pricey accessories, but also become an extended keyboard for the iPad. Now users can type comfortably while doing text entry to Write 2 on their iPad, reach the useful keys and punctuation marks directly, and do some cool typing styles.

Write for iPhone and iPod touch: Solution for All Note Taking Problems

May 15, 2011 - App developer Daniel V.W has released the update to Write version 1.5.1 for iOS. Note-taking apps are some of the hottest items on the App Store. But only few of them that have a good understanding of what the users need and help them to accomplish all their iPhone note-taking and writing endeavors. Write is unique as a note-taking and writing app because it is so simple but still has the power to solve all of those problems.

It's Here - Write 2 Lite - The Best Free Note Taking App with Dropbox

May 12, 2011 - Independent developer Daniel V.W. has released Write 2 Lite 1.0 for iOS. Write 2 Lite is unique as a writing/note-taking/plain-text-editing app because it is so simple but still has the power to solve all of those problems. Write 2 Lite allows its users to boost their productivity in doing on-the-go writing in a fun and enjoyable way. If they ever found that typing on an iPhone or iPod touch is annoying, then this is the app that they need.