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AA Big Book and More app is a free recovery tool

Apr 09, 2012 - Rob Laltrello announces the release of "AA Big Book and More" app for iOS devices. AA Big Book and More app is a free recovery tool supporting people using 12-step programs. It includes daily meditations from GeorgiaSobriety website. The "AA Big Book and More" app contains the original text of "Alcoholics Anonymous" otherwise known as the Big Book. The Big Book was originally published in 1939 and serves as the basic text for AA. The app breaks text down broken to chapters for easy of use.

TapPoll app can help educators in classroom, students at home

Feb 16, 2012 - Independent app developer, Rob Laltrello today introduces TapPoll 1.0 for iOS. TapPoll is a multiple choice quiz and polling app that can be used by educators in the classroom or by students wanting to study for tests. When used in poll mode, educators can view live, instant feedback on TapPoll's website as students select the answer on their devices. In Quiz mode, students can create and share quizzes among their peers. Public quizzes are also available for use by everyone.

Let the Restaurant Selector app decide where you and your coworkers eat

Sep 22, 2011 - Independent app developer, Rob Laltrello, has released Restaurant Selector 1.1 for iOS. Restaurant Selector solves the indecision of where to eat. Coworkers heading to lunch can use this app to fairly select a restaurant from a list. Coworkers heading to lunch can use this app to select a restaurant from a list of possible restaurants. Or perhaps your family cannot civilly agree upon where to grab a bite to eat. Let Restaurant Selector decide for you.

iGoFirst Ends Bickering Among Children, Sports Teams

Apr 23, 2011 - Rob Latrello has released iGoFirst 2.0 for iOS. iGoFirst is an app that determines a random order among a list of names. When a household get a new single player game, the inevitable bickering ensues. Who gets to go first? Let iGoFirst end the argument by randomly selecting the playing order. Simply enter all the names (now up to 20) on the setup screen and then click start/stop. The names will fly around the screen until the start/stop button is pressed again.