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Luxury Wood and Leather iPhone X Cases from Pad and Quill

Nov 01, 2017 - Minneapolis based Pad and Quill today announces their brand new line of wood and leather cases for the iPhone X. Featuring full-grain and veg-tanned leathers, FSC certified hardwoods, traditional book binding techniques, and 25-year warranties. Every iPhone X case is compatible with wireless charging and designed to take full advantage of all the new iPhone X features. Every case is backed with our legendary warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

2016 Macbook Pro Cases Putting the Book back into MacBook

Jan 12, 2017 - Minneapolis based Pad and Quill has just released the Cartella Slim Case for the 2016 Macbook Pro. The Cartella Slim Macbook case envelops your laptop in an archival quality buckram linen cover, turning your Macbook into an actual hardbound book. This case captures the beauty of a book that you can feel in your hand while protecting your Macbook and leaving it completely unhindered in every way to do what it was meant to do. Available now for 2016 Macbook Pro 13" and 2016 Macbook Pro 15"

Full Grain Leather Bands for Apple Watch From Pad & Quill

Oct 27, 2016 - Announcing all-new Apple Watch Straps from Pad & Quill. Vintage 60-year-old full grain leather, parachute grade stitching, and military spec Cordura fabric, Pad & Quill has pulled out all the stops on their all new leather Apple Watch bands. The Special Edition 60-Year Leather Lowry Cuff is made from vintage full grain leather. The Cordura & Leather Field Strap is crafted with military grade 1000 denier Cordura fabric, parachute grade stitching, and lined with uber soft full grain leather.

Wood and Leather iPad Pro 9.7 and iPhone SE cases from Pad & Quill

Mar 29, 2016 - Minneapolis based Pad & Quill today introduces their newest wood and leather cases for the iPad Pro 9.7 and iPhone SE. This leather portfolio case for iPad Pro 9.7 combines a thin profile with the luxurious look and feel of high-end leather. The Contega Linen for iPad Pro 9.7 is a book-bound wooden case wrapped with archival quality Buckram Linen. A precision milled Baltic Birch frame compliments and protects the iPad perfectly without obscuring any of the screen or front features.

Fruit-Slinger - Wild West Target Practice Available Now on iOS

Sep 29, 2014 - Exalt Games today introduces Fruit-Slinger 1.0, their new game title for iOS and Android devices. Clean up the Wild West in this wacky and whimsical game of target practice and fruit slinging. Play as Sheriff Larry the Lemur with a whole arsenal of fruit to sling at moving targets to hone your agility and precision. This Wild West themed game is family friendly and uses a unique game control option where you wind up the sling by swinging your phone in a similar motion.

Puzzlesque for iOS - A sliding puzzle game with a twist and a flip

Jun 19, 2014 - Click, slide, and flip your way to success with these brain-busting animated puzzles! Exalt LLC today introduces Puzzlesque 1.0, a free sliding puzzle game using animated pictures for iOS and Android phones and tablets. Brave the mind-bending illusions, analyze the movement patterns, and discover the elegant solutions to complete each animated puzzle. Even the best of brains will be challenged as they click, slide, and flip that last puzzle piece into place to revel in the accomplishment.

MindUp iOS App - Tell the World What's On Your Mind with Thought Bubbles

Apr 03, 2014 - A picture is worth a thousand words, but a thought bubble sums them up beautifully. MindUp 1.0 is a free application that offers whimsical customizable thought bubbles overlayed onto your personal photos. It is full of colorful, quirky bubbles, waiting to be filled with interesting, provoking, and funny thoughts that can be selected from a huge and witty thought bank. Clean and crisp layouts make for a very easy user experience. Turn an average picture into a window into the soul.

Fluid Notes Available Now - The Smooth-as-Butter iPad Note-Taking App

May 01, 2013 - Majorspot, Inc. today introduces Fluid Notes 1.0 for iPad. Featuring an intuitive interface that lets you draw, write, highlight, type and more in an easy simple way, Fluid Notes makes your notes clean, clear, crisp, & shareable. With 8 different tools to work with, & tons of colors, everything you need is a swipe away. Fluid's Bookshelf lets you organize your books in beautiful form with an attractive selection of notebook cover designs. Retina Ink never looked so good. Available now for free.

Coming Soon- Fluid Notes: The Smooth-as-Butter iPad Note-Taking App

Apr 24, 2013 - Majorspot, Inc. announces the upcoming release of Fluid Notes fro iPad, available for Free, May 1st, 2013. Fluid Notes makes notes clean, clear, crisp, and shareable. Users may build a library of organized notebooks, each with a customizable cover. They may also import a PDF and work on it. Retina Ink never looked so good. Filling in tax forms, contracts, and order forms on-the-go will be seamless and fast. All important documents can be stored on the Cloud and completely editable at any time.