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Top calendar app miCal releases new universal app for iOS 7

Apr 30, 2014 - The award-winning, top-selling calendar app miCal has been optimized for iOS 7 in a brand new app. miCal offers a solution to suit both personal and professional usage. The dashboard displays everything the user needs to know at a glance. Its intuitive interface, oodles of great features and compatibility with existing calendar services makes this app a must have. Version 7.1 is out now making miCal a universal binary for both iPhone and iPad.

miCal app celebrates its birthday and reduces the price by 50%

Oct 05, 2012 - Are you on top of your appointments? More and more people are using the best-selling calendar app miCal for the iPhone or miCal HD for the iPad. The digital organization miracle convinces with a beautiful design, numerous alternative viewpoints and some unusual features. Appointments are displayed in five different layouts and more. Today miCal is having its second birthday. To celebrate the occasion prices are coming down for three days.

miCal and miCal HD for the iPhone and iPad have just been reduced

Jan 12, 2012 - To start the new year right two popular calendar apps, miCal for iPhone and miCal HD for iPad, will be reduced drastically in price. Celebrating its first anniversary, miCal and miCal HD are on sale till January 16th. Both versions may be synchronized smoothly with already existing calendars such as Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, Exchange or Facebook Events. Reminders may be presented repeatedly and even an alarm can be set. Appointments are displayed in five different layouts and more.

iPhone game Moli - lost in rotation starts with a free download today

Dec 19, 2011 - The developers of miCal - the missing calendar have gone gaming, entwicklungsschmiede launches universal app for iOS Moli - lost in rotation 1.0 today. Game character Moli is a cute little cube that had once used to enjoy strolling around the countryside every minute of his life. All of a sudden, a big black scary shadow emerged out of the dark and sneakily stole the cube's beloved and only wheel. As a pre-Christmas present to all gamers, it's available for free on its first day.

miCal app celebrates its birthday, reduces the price, starts on Facebook

Oct 04, 2011 - miCal and miCal HD are among the most favorite apps "Made in Germany" that are being offered for the iPhone and the iPad - even though they have not been on the market and in the app store for a very long time. On October 4th, 2011 the popular calendar app is celebrating its first anniversary and the entwicklungsschmiede is giving away birthday presents: A price reduction, a raffle for an iPad 2 plus its own Facebook and Twitter site will be launched.

miCal 4.2 and miCal HD 3.0: Both calendar apps with huge updates

Sep 30, 2011 - miCal and miCal HD are two of the most popular German apps for the iPhone and iPad. The award-winning appointment organizers have undergone an important update. miCal 4.2 for the iPhone now offers a new landscape view in the daily overview mode. More important is the round version of miCal HD 3.0. The iPad version is following suit by offering an additional task manager via in-app purchase and a new additional daily calendar view.

The miCal 4.1 update: iPhone calendar available for 3 days at half price

Jul 21, 2011 - entwicklungsschmiede UG today announces miCal 4.1, an update to their high-quality, mobile calendar for iPhone and iPad. The app captures new appointments directly and is easily synchronized with existing calendars like Outlook, Google, Exchange or Facebook Events. The origin of various appointments can be traced at any time via color-coding. MiCal stores a suitable title for each event, a detailed description, a from-to-time and a possible repetition. Version 4.1 offers numerous improvements.

miCal 4.0 - iPhone-calendar offers optional task management

Jun 24, 2011 - miCal goes into the fourth round. The digital appointment calendar is used worldwide on the iPhone and iPod touch and invariably remembers all upcoming appointments. Appointments can be displayed in five clearly arranged layouts. The dashboard also shows upcoming birthdays plus a weather report. The new 4.0 version offers for the first time a task manager in the same style, which can be retrofitted through in-app purchasing.