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Secrets Keeper 1.0 for iOS - Keep all Your Secrets in a Safe Place

Aug 09, 2012 - Virginia-based SSA Mobile LLC proudly announces the release of Secrets Keeper for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Secrets Keeper is a next generation privacy app that allows you to easily secure your private photos, videos, contacts, notes etc without locking your device. Secrets Keeper gives even more security: you can privately browse the web and download files directly into the app, save website passwords, get intruders break-in reports with photo and GPS data and many more.

BadDay Booth Free - Make Super Funny Beatings Photos

Jun 08, 2012 - Leesburg, Virginia - SSA Mobile LLC is happy to announce the release of BadDay Booth 1.0 FREE for iPhone and iPod touch. BadDay Booth is a unique entertainment photo morphing app that allows you to easily create awesome face beatings photos: your face will have real shiners, bruisers, several-days scrub etc. Advanced face recognition and morphing technique give realistic results on both men and women pictures. Trick your friends by sending them your photos!

Neon Glow FXs: Create Stunning Neon Glow Pics and Funky Neon Sketches

Jun 07, 2012 - Virginia-based SSA Mobile is proud to announce the release of Neon Glow FXs for iPhone and iPod touch. Neon Glow FXs allows you to easily apply spectacular realistic neon effects to your photos. You can choose from over 20 beautiful thematic neon effects - ice, fire, acid, electricity etc. And combine them with over 100 art overlay textures to get the coolest shots. With Neon Glow FXs you can also create stylish neon sketch photos to use as avatars in social networks and amaze your friends!

Video Downloader Pro 1.0 - Download and Play Any Video on iOS

Jun 06, 2012 - SSA Mobile presents Video Downloader Pro 1.0 for iOS: a smart full-featured download and file manager and media player. The application's key feature is download and playback support of almost all video formats, including streaming videos, straight without any conversion. With Video Downloader Pro downloading, storing and playing videos on your devices becomes as easy and intuitive as on your PC or Mac.

Messages+ for iOS - Bring Your Messages to a Brand New Level

May 10, 2012 - Virginia-based SSA Mobile is proud to present the release of Messages+ for iPhone and iPod touch. Messages+ is a messaging app that allows you to create totally new look and feel for your messages. With Messages+ you can change color, size and formatting of text, customize message balloons with beautiful textures, insert beautiful clipart pictures right into the message and a lot more. Messages+ offers a large collection of popular internet memes and rage faces to make fun with friends.

Color Messages for iPhone is Free for a limited time

May 09, 2012 - SSA Mobile is pleased to announce that Color Messages for iOS will be a free download for a limited time! Color Messages is a messaging app that allows you to easily create beautiful stylish colored messages. With Color Messages you can change color and apply bold or italics formatting to the text, apply any desired font from the variety of predefined fonts and drop shadow effects. The app also allows you to pick any bubble color or apply beautiful background textures and a lot more.

Prank Sound for iPhone and iPod touch goes Free for a week

May 01, 2012 - Virginia-based SSA Mobile is glad to announce that Prank Sound is free for a limited time. The app will be available for free download on the iTunes app store for a week. Prank Sound is an entertainment app that reproduces horribly annoying high frequency sound. The application's key feature is that the source of the sound is absolutely impossible to detect by human ear - that means that you won't be traced making pranks! Sound also features manual frequency adjustment, delay and repeat timer.

Silicone Booth for iOS - Make Them Bigger

Apr 25, 2012 - Virginia-based SSA Mobile LLC is proud to present Silicone Booth for iPhone and iPod touch. Silicone Booth is an entertaining app that allows you to enhance breasts, lips and other body parts as if it was made by a plastic surgeon. You can calibrate size and form of the implant until you find the most suitable or most fun variant! You can impress your friends with your new enhanced body or laugh with them at their funny morphed photos.

Prehistoric Booth - Now Free - Wanna become a caveman? Now you can

Apr 22, 2012 - Virginia based SSA Mobile LLC announces Prehistoric Booth 1.1 Free for iPhone and iPod touch. Prehistoric Booth will show you what would you be if you lived 200,000 years ago. Imagine if you could see how your stone-age ancestors might have looked like: Prehistoric Booth's unique morphing technique will give you a sneak peek. The app magically transforms any face photo into a real prehistoric man or woman. You can also try it on your friends and colleagues and morph them into a wild tribe.