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Creative Pro Infinite Media Browser with Retina Support, Now on Sale

Sep 12, 2012 - Today, Swiss indie developer Raskin Software releases a new version of its infinite, ie. zoomable, file asset manager for Mac. The application, targeted at creative professionals in design, photography, and the film industry, is an ideal complement to Finder as it facilitates the handling of large amounts of visual content. With their Back to School special offer, it's now $14.99 USD (instead of $24.99), or just $9.99 for students and teachers.

Raskin gets colorful - Custom color settings with Raskin 1.8

Mar 22, 2012 - Today, Swiss start-up Raskin Software releases a new version of its futuristic user-interface for the Mac. Raskin 1.8 brings improvements in user-experience and usability. The latest version of the "Google Earth" of computer files allows greater customization and interaction. And Raskin will also follow your System set-up when it comes to "highlight" colors, too. Meaning when a user selects one or more objects in Raskin, the highlight color is defined by the system color preference settings.

Improved: Raskin 1.7 - Advanced GUI for Graphic Artists and Designers

Nov 23, 2011 - Raskin Software today announces Raskin 1.7 for OS X, an update to the critically acclaimed Productivity app that provides an advanced GUI especially for graphic artists and designers. The app displays the entire OS X Hierarchical File System at a glance, allowing designers to rely on their visual memory for the location of files instead of searching through levels of folders. The update adds Display More/Less control, and improved File Preview rendering, arrangement, and readability.

Like Google Earth for computer files

Oct 18, 2011 - Available for immediate download, Raskin 1.6, an efficiency tool targeted at users working with visual content in creative fields, brings further optimization and improvements on previous versions. The application - best described as a "Google Earth" for digital documents, presents a new, visual way to navigate the contents of your computer. Finding, opening and managing documents is simplified with the aid of visual memory. Raskin 1.6 has been optimized with practical new features.

Raskin 1.5 Brings Gesture Navigation On The Mac To New Level

Jun 16, 2011 - Raskin, the Finder alternative for the Mac with iOS-like gesture navigation, introduces new features tailored to the creative industry. Since its launch in June 2010, the productivity App, by Swiss start-up Raskin Software, has been downloaded more than 50,000 times. New features include; Light Table View, Auto-open, Autofocus, a New Focus Menu and full support for German.

OS X Bundle Includes Raskin and 8 Selected Utility Apps

May 03, 2011 - Raskin Software LLC announces OS X Bundle, a selection of 9 utility apps to extend and improve Mac OS X functionalities. Raskin is an alternative desktop interface for Snow Leopard. It simplifies interaction with your computer by placing your documents on a zoomable surface. Use simple trackpad gestures, like on the iPhone or iPad, to zoom and pan your way around the contents of your computer. Raskin makes finding, organizing, previewing, and opening documents seamless and time-saving.