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Shedding light on mobile marketing

Mar 02, 2012 - How does a mobile app reaches the top of the AppStore? How do you stand out from the tens of thousands games available? This is what Molecube asked itself a few days away from launching its fourth game, Justin Mac Fart. By launching the blog "The Experiment", they are exposing the other side of the coin by applying strategies popularized by marketing experts and benchmarking their efficiencies. By shedding light on its creative and marketing process, Molecube is aiming for total transparency.

Molecube Inc. Released Monstruction, its Latest iOS Game

May 05, 2011 - Molecube Inc. released Monstruction, its latest iPhone and iPod touch game. It emphasizes mainly on the dexterity and puzzle-solving skills of the players. To unfold the puzzles, the players must use some of their Apple devices main features such as the touch screen and tilt sensor. Adorable and original characters appear throughout the levels progression to give the player additional fun and challenge.