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Shared Paper Lite: Try Digital Paper, Collaborate Between iPads for Free

Apr 21, 2012 - UK based Nebulus Design today introduces Shared Paper Lite 1.0, a free trial version of its popular digital paper app for iPad devices. Shared Paper Lite provides a seemingly unlimited canvas on which ideas, sketches, designs and presentations can be quickly created with ease and shared interactively between iPads. In addition the lite version enables anyone to join a shared whiteboard session, between iPads hosted by a full version of Shared Paper, free of charge.

Shared Paper: Easy Powerful Digital Paper, Share Ideas Between 16 iPads

Apr 20, 2012 - Shared Paper 1.0, a productivity app for the iPad, provides a digital workspace for capturing, sharing and presenting of ideas. Shared Paper is quite simply digital paper for the iPad, which can be shared in real time with other iPad users. It provides a practically unlimited scrollable canvas on which ideas, sketches, designs & presentations can be quickly created with ease. iPads running Shared Paper can link together so up to 16 iPad users can interact on a shared workspace at the same time.

Shared Paper Lite: Create and Present Ideas on Vast Free iPad Whiteboard

Dec 14, 2011 - Dazzle Labs releases Shared Paper Lite, a free version of Shared Paper, the app that helps turn ideas into sketches, drawings and designs on a practically limitless shared whiteboard. With Shared Paper Lite, anyone can discover, for free, how easy it is to use Shared Paper to capture ideas and instantly turn them into a polished slideshow. To complement the launch of Shared Paper Lite, Dazzle Labs is also announcing a significant price drop for the full paid version of Shared Paper.

Shared Paper for iPad - Capture, Share and Present Ideas in Style

Jul 29, 2011 - Shared Paper simplifies the process of capturing visual ideas, sketches and designs and turns them into polished results in minutes. It works for diagrams, a set of notes or even a more formal presentation. Shared Paper is designed for visual exploration and sharing of ideas in business, education or in the home and is suitable for individual use or in teams, where Shared Paper's collaboration features enable multiple iPad users to connect and visualise ideas wirelessly.