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Duplicacy for Mac - A Free and Efficient Deduplication Cloud Backup Tool

Jul 27, 2016 - New York-based Acrosync LLC today announces Duplicacy 1.0, their next-generation cross-platform cloud backup tool for Mac OS X. Duplicacy uses a lock-free deduplication method, so it can easily backup multiple clients to most popular cloud-based storage services, without the need for any file locks. The app also offers the ability to perform backups to local hard drives, SFTP servers, and NAS boxes. Duplicacy offers an elegantly designed GUI that features easy one-page backup configuration.

Acrosync LLC announces an rsync-based photo and video backup app for iOS

Jan 14, 2015 - Acrosync LLC today introduces PhotoBackup 1.0, a new photo and video backup app for iOS that uses the rsync protocol under the hood. PhotoBackup allows users to easily upload all or selected photos and videos to any computer running OS X or Linux, without the need to plug iOS devices into the computer via USB, and without the need to install additional software on the computers. PhotoBackup is designed to be very easy to use even without any knowledge of rsync.

Acrosync LLC announces an rsync client that supports auto upload

Nov 21, 2014 - Acrosync LLC releases Acrosync for Mac, a new rsync client with an easy-to-use GUI that also supports Dropbox-like automatic upload and Time Machine style incremental backups. Acrosync for Mac is a powerful folder synchronization tool based on the rsync protocol, so it can sync with any computer or device that has rsync installed, such as Mac and Linux computers, NAS boxes, and VPS or dedicated servers, or even rsync storage providers. Users may connect via SSH or Rsyncd and much more.

Acrosync LLC releases the first and only rsync client for iOS

May 06, 2011 - Acrosync LLC today announces Acrosync 1.1, an update to their popular rsync client for iOS devices. Easily transfer files from any computers that have rsync installed to your iOS devices and keep them in sync. Once files have been transferred, you can open them anytime and anywhere, whether or not you have a network connection, with a powerful document viewer embedded in Acrosync. No USB cable is required. No installation of server software. No need to physically access the remote computers.