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Pandamim iOS App - Enjoy Amazing Facial Emotions Tracking on Your iPad

Jan 16, 2013 - ARMind introduces Pandamim 1.0 for iPad, an emulator of a pretty talking pet friend, which can repeat not only words and sentences but also emotions. Now with the help of our sensational application, the iPad will become a real magic mirror. When users smile and give a wink at it, and our panda will smile and wink back. When they stick out their tongue, the panda will not hesitate to do the same.

VoiceFeeder released for iOS - Listen to News with Voice Only Control

May 14, 2011 - StartApp today introduces VoiceFeeder 1.0, their new voice controlled RSS feed application for iOS devices. VoiceFeeder was developed specifically for reading news feeds with voice control functionality. Listen to your RSS feeds without any touch - just using your voice, easily and immediately read RSS-feeds, group them into categories, read the whole category or all feeds. Browse the news summary in handy form, or showing the news page in browser just by touching the link and much more.