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Cooties Never Seemed So Appealing

Jul 22, 2011 - Imaginary Feet today announced that their action-packed, adorably addictive Cooties, will be a Featured Game of the Day at OpenFeint on Sunday, July 24th. Sunday Funday takes on a whole new meaning after you grab the game for free and spend the afternoon dodging devilish cooties and racking up points. Cooties is an adorably addictive iPhone game. It requires that you touch and slide your finger around your iPhone to snatch up stars while escaping bombs and scheming Cooties.

Lots of People Have Cooties but the Game Devs Haven't Seen Much Revenue

Jul 19, 2011 - The Cooties epidemic has spread to iPhones all over the world, but the indie developers from ImaginaryFeet haven't seen much revenue. So, after a positive initial response to the game's launch in April, indie developers Emil Anticevic and Tom McLeod are redesigning levels, adding new features, and trading in their original pricing strategy for a tiered in-app purchase system. The newest update brings the game down to less than 20 mgs and boasts two new in-app purchases.

SpyPic 1.32 for iOS - Fake Screen Enables Users to Snap Photos Secretly

May 24, 2011 - Imaginary Feet today announces SpyPic 1.32 for iOS, an update to their photography app that allows users to secretly take photos while they appear to be reading, playing a game, checking their calendar, or using the calculator on their iOS device. Designed to allow ordinary users to "unlock your inner spy," the app provides eight "alibi activities" or camouflage screens. Users may activate front or rear cameras and control the opacity of the fake screen that overlays the active camera view.