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eXcelisys, Inc. releases the eX-BizTracker 6

Nov 05, 2019 - eXcelisys, Inc. releases eX-BizTracker 6, a new version of their popular flagship eX-File business productivity template. The eX-BizTracker 6 takes advantage of the latest innovations of the FileMaker 18 Platform. New features include QuickBooks integration, return merchandise authorization (RMA) aand the use of card windows to minimize overhead. Redesigned Screens & Layouts Make this Jump-start FileMaker(R) Template Easier and Faster than Ever to Modify for a Wider Variety of Business Needs.

eXcelisys releases X-RentalTracker - FileMaker Pro productivity template

Apr 28, 2017 - eXcelisys, Inc., today announces eX-RentalTracker, a productivity template utilizing the latest innovations of FileMaker Pro 15. The eX-RentalTracker is for rental businesses who've found out-of-the-box software solutions too clunky and custom-built systems too expensive. The eX-RentalTracker simplifies daily processes, including instant invoicing, inventory availability calendar, as well as supports barcodes and handheld scanners for quick check-out/check-in and so much more.

Excelisys Releases The eX-BizTracker 4.13

Jul 29, 2014 - Excelisys, Inc. today announces eX-BizTracker 4.13, the next iteration of the popular flagship eX-File business productivity template for small- to medium-sized businesses. eX-BizTracker 4.13 maximizes the latest innovations in FileMaker Pro 13, resulting in a more feature-rich tool & adding more value to an already incredible "Jump-Start" FileMaker Pro template. New features in version 4.13 take advantage of FileMaker's aggressive leap into the web and iOS/Mobile platform deployment strategies.

Excelisys Moves Up A Notch to Platinum

May 09, 2014 - Excelisys, Inc. today announced that their company has been recognized as a FileMaker Business Alliance "Platinum" Member. Excelisys now celebrates 13 years of building, consulting, customizing, supporting, migrating, converting, upgrading, tweaking, fixing and integrating quality FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, MySQL, PostgreSQL and other database technologies and frameworks for web, mobile, and desktop solutions. And now enjoy the endorsement of their peers as being among the best of the best.

Excelisys Promotes Doug West to VP of Product Development and Partner

Mar 20, 2014 - Excelisys, Inc. announces the promotion of Doug West to VP of Product Development and Partner of the custom business application design, development, and consulting organization. West joined the Excelisys team in 2011 where he has applied advanced scripting and design architectural techniques to provide substantial value in custom business software solutions. Excelisys, Inc. is a 13 year veteran, FileMaker Certified, full service, custom database & web application development & consulting firm.

Excelisys Releases the BizTracker 4

Nov 13, 2013 - Excelisys, Inc., announced the release of The eX-BizTracker 4, the next generation of the popular flagship eX-File business productivity template for small- to medium-sized businesses. The eX-BizTracker 4 maximizes the latest innovations in FileMaker Pro(R) 12, resulting in a much leaner customizing tool which is easier to use and extend. The eX-BizTracker 4 incorporates a host of elements to enhance usability features and functionality, including CRM to manage both companies and individuals.

Excelisys Promotes Doug West to Product/Project Manager

Jan 21, 2013 - Doug West becomes a new addition to the Excelisys management team. West has been a FileMaker Pro Developer since 1998. With Excelisys, he has applied advanced scripting techniques to provide substantial value in custom solutions through comprehensive order, inventory, and workflow management, as well as integration with systems such as PayPal, FedEx, and UPS. West was also the primary developer of the new ExBiz-Tracker 4 that is currently in beta.

As-You-Type Search Filtering using Script Triggers

Mar 18, 2009 - Excelisys has announced their new White Paper and Example that demonstrates the usage of a search filter, which many FileMaker developers are familiar with in complex portal filtering solutions. Now, with the use of script triggers, it is simple enough to implement the same functionality but you are not restricted to displaying results in a portal, and therefore have much more flexibility in the interface.

Excelisys announces Drag and Drop for FileMaker Pro 10

Jan 28, 2009 - Excelisys is proud to announce their new Drag and Drop demonstration and whitepaper for FileMaker Pro 10. With this exclusive technique demonstration file and accompanying white paper, learn how to provide familiar and elegant drag-and-drop functionality to FileMaker Pro solutions.