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NOCUBE releases Spanish Version of Nutrient Depletions Medical app

Jul 01, 2011 - NOCUBE has released Deficiencia de Nutrientes 1.3.1, a new revolutionary health app, now available for iOS devices. Deficiencia de Nutrientes, is a Spanish version of the popular health app Nutrient Depletions. Nutrient Depletions puts patients health first by providing information of key essential nutrients depleted by common medications. Nutrient Depletions gives easy-to-use recommendations on nutrient replenishment.

Carry Your Pharmacist/Nutritionist in Your Pocket with New Nutrition App

May 19, 2011 - NOCUBE announces the release of Nutrient Depletions for iOS devices, a revolutionary health care app. Nutrient Depletions, the only app of its kind, brings essential medication and nutrition health information to patients and medical professionals, instantly. Nutrient Depletions informs both patients and medical providers what natural nutrients, essential to healthy living, are being depleted by medications.