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RetroCalc - The Hit Calculator App for iPad Gets Even Better

Aug 16, 2011 - A new version of RetroCalc, the hit calculator app for iPad is now available on the iTunes App Store. With new features, more streamlined user processes and multi-lingual options for the Japanese, French and German markets. RetroCalc 1.6 takes an already successful app and makes it a five-star hit.

RetroCalc the hit Calculator app for iPad is now Free

Jul 07, 2011 - Futuremedia announces the releases of RetroCalc Free! 1.1f for iPad. RetroCalc features iconic calculator designs of the early 1970's and 1980's all re-rendered in high resolution 3D. Users can swipe their fingers across the screen to choose from dozens of high definition calculator/background combinations. RetroCalc supports multitasking so your numerical data will remain onscreen and in memory when switching back and forth between other applications.

RetroCalc for iPad: The Best-looking Calculator App on the App Store

May 25, 2011 - Futuremedia announces the release of RetroCalc 1.0. RetroCalc brings retro-inspired calculators to the iPad. By simply swiping a finger across the screen, users can customize their calculator by switching between any one of a dozen beautifully rendered, retro-inspired calculator skins, or choose one of the rich HD photographic backgrounds. This collection of 12 beautifully redesigned calculators from the vintage era of the late 1970's and early 1980's is a must-have app.

iFate Tarot Explorer for iPad Now Available

May 17, 2011 - The long awaited Tarot Explorer for iPad has just been released. The iPad version of the massively-popular tarot readings from "iFate" features the same popular tarot readings as those found online, with enhanced 3D graphics, beautiful, fluid-like animation and a stunning original music score. iFate is the #1 free site for free tarot and astrology, featuring highly graphical, rich media tarot, astrology and I Ching readings to millions of users around the world.