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Peeple - The World's First Caller ID System for Your Front Door

May 14, 2015 - Austin based Building 10 Technology, Inc is proud to announce their Kickstarter campaign for Peeple, the elegant, compact, and easy-to-use caller ID for your front door. Peeple is a smart camera that attaches to existing peepholes and easily connects to home Wi-Fi to identify, inform, screen, and alert people to any outside presence. Peeple connects to your home WiFi and then sends notifications to you when someone knocks or opens the door.

Udder Destruction Unleashed: Take Control of a 50ft Cow

Mar 19, 2013 - The Austin based game studio, Retired Astronaut Collective, LLC today introduces Udder Destruction 1.0, its new action, arcade game developed for iPhone, iPad and iPd touch. Featuring over 14 different Mootations, players take control of Patty, a cow who mootates into a 50 foot cow. By tapping on the screen, players squirt gobs of radioactive milk from her bloated udders as she rampages across the peaceful pastures, farms, and towns of Muffin Meadows.

Smoke Fingers app reaches the top 10 in the US iTunes App Store

Sep 28, 2011 - Austin mobile developer, Retired Astronaut Collective, LLC announced today that their app, Smoke Fingers, has gone viral and reached the top 10 of all free apps in the iTunes store for the week ending September 26th, 2011. Smoke Fingers is an interactive app that lets iPhone users draw & blow realistic smoke into their iPhone. Players can select an assortment of smoke colors while entertaining themselves with their smoke designs. Smoke Fingers has been downloaded by over a half a million users.

Jangle 1.3 released for iOS / Android - Fun, Addictive Online Word Game

May 25, 2011 - Austin mobile developer, Retired Astronaut Collective, LLC today releases Jangle 1.3, their new free word game for iOS and Android devices. Players go head to head to match their wits and their vocabulary in this multiplayer, online app. In Jangle, players frantically build the longest word they can in a short time limit. Users may play online with Facebook friends or with a random opponent. 'Play and Pass' mode lets users play with a friend on a single device and much more.