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Want to change sex? No surgery needed with SexBooth on the iPhone

Oct 06, 2011 - Keemeo has released SexBooth 1.0, a very special booth app for iOS. SexBooth does not allow for perfect sex change, as the best solution for that remains surgery - or a lot of makeup. However, it allows for realistic masculinization or feminization of a face in a picture. SexBooth is free for a limited time, and is available in the Lifestyle category of the App Store. There are some crazy apps on the iPhone, but SexBooth really pushes the limits even further.

TimeBooth Turns Your iPhone into a Time Machine

Sep 29, 2011 - Keemeo has released TimeBooth 1.0 for iOS devices. Time travel has never been easier. TimeBooth uses a complex algorithm that detects facial features and apply changes based on a statistical model. It offers ultra-realistic face transformations, and can transform any face into a child or a teenager, or add wrinkles to a face and make it look older. Four age categories are available: child, teenager, adult and older. The quality of the results depends greatly on the quality of the input pictures.

FlipBooth Turns the World Upside Down on the iPhone

Jun 17, 2011 - Keemeo has released FlipBooth 1.0, a high-quality booth app for iPhone and iPod touch which allows users to flip a face inside a head to create hilarious pictures! FlipBooth is also a free app, and is available in the Photography category of the App Store. It's not that anybody will complain about getting iPhone apps for free, this is just that given the high-quality finishing of FlipBooth, one would expect to be required to pay for such an app.