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Stickman Stunt Boat Released

Jul 19, 2012 - Labu Games announced the release of Stickman Stunt Boat on Apple's App Store. Stickman Stunt Boat is an adrenaline packed physics stunt game with procedurally generated track. It goes all out with its silly premise and takes you for a hilarious ride in an odd sea with weird shaped waves and crazy obstacles. Be it whale catapult, that slings you on air, huge tsunami that could easily crush you, and geyser that launches you on air, Stickman Stunt Boat is ready to defy the laws of physics.

Stickman Stunt Boat Declared Death of Bike Stunt Genre

Mar 18, 2012 - Labu Games introduces the upcoming Stickman Stunt Boat for iOS. It's time to park that old stunt bike in the garage (along with logic and the laws of physics). Grab your paddles and jump on the boat. Join in for a hilarious ride in Stickman Stunt Boat for iPhone and iPod Touch. Powered by over the top water physics and an unbreakable super boat - perform back flips, front flips and other extreme stunts as you like. Stickman Stunt Boat features randomly generated tracks and dynamic obstacles.

Wingmen: World War - War Is Money

May 29, 2011 - Independent game developer Labu Games announced the release of Wingmen: World War 1.0 for the iPhone, an expansion of the original flash game Wingmen. Wingmen: World War is an innovative new take of the popular castle defense genre. Fight the battles in sky with planes and airships instead of the usual infantry themes. With planes flying around chasing each other and doing crazy maneuvers, you will have multiple times more exciting actions.